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Settlement involving a husband and wife who suffered debilitating injuries after being hit head on by a tractor-trailer.
For a client injured by a truck driver who was tail gating and lost control of his tractor-trailer, causing the need for a total hip replacement.
For a passenger in a vehicle who sustained severe injuries to her legs, including an acute ankle dislocation, caused by a truck driver that jack-knifed into oncoming traffic.
Wrongful death settlement involving an elderly pedestrian who was run over and killed by a pickup truck in a restaurant parking lot.
Workers' Compensation claim for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck in the head by a tire.
For a client who had soft tissue neck and shoulder injuries resulting from a truck that struck our client’s vehicle in the rear.
Settlement arising out of a low impact parking lot collision that caused neck injuries resulting in surgery.
Settlement in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident where the passenger was ejected and suffered spinal injuries.
Workers' Compensation claim where client injured his back lifting heavy cases of drinks.