Hammack Law Firm Founder Comments on Fiery Crash That Killed 5 People

February 28, 2024 – Paul Hammack

Hammack Law Firm Founder Comments on Fiery Crash That Killed 5 People

GREENVILLE, South Carolina—Paul Hammack, Personal Injury Attorney and Founder of Hammack Law Firm, responds to the fiery crash involving a commercial vehicle car hauler, a Toyota sedan, and a Honda sedan. As reported by WYFF News 4, the collision occurred on Saturday, February 24, just before 9 p.m. on Interstate 26, near mile marker 12 in Spartanburg County.

According to authorities, the commercial vehicle car hauler was traveling west and struck the rear end of a 2022 Toyota sedan before crossing the cable barrier into the eastbound lane, where it was hit by a 2024 Honda sedan traveling east. Tragically, all five people in the Honda were killed, including Ashia Michelle Ballenger, 35 of Campobello, Ashton Isaiah Olley, 14, of Spartanburg, Jaicurious Treyvon Gist, 11, of Spartanburg, Jalecia Andrea Gist, 8, of Spartanburg, and Leroy Covington, 57, of Campobello.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the remaining family members that are grieving their loss and having to plan five funerals,” says Hammack. “A GoFundMe was started to help the family, and we encourage members of the community to donate if they can.”

The driver of the Toyota, the only one in the car, did not sustain any injuries, and the driver of the commercial car hauler, also the only one in the vehicle, was transported to a nearby hospital for injuries. The crash, which is still under investigation by the authorities, shut down all I-26 lanes in the vicinity.

“This tragedy underscores the dangers of sharing the road with large trucks in South Carolina and the importance of exercising vigilance, especially for passengers in smaller vehicles like sedans,” Hammack continues. “In our 24 years of experience in truck accident law, we know that the disparity in size between commercial trucks and vehicles is a significant factor in accident outcomes. We urge drivers of commercial trucks to operate their vehicles with the utmost care and consideration for other drivers on the roads and highways, so we can all arrive safely at our destinations.”

While the investigation of this crash is still underway, it appears that the driver of the car hauler may have been distracted or following too close for conditions when he collided with the Toyota.  Speed may have also played a role.  Unfortunately, the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) that investigates these types of crashes will not likely issue a report for several weeks or even months, so it is imperative that an independent investigation be undertaken immediately to investigate the collisions and preserve evidence.

Hammack, whose unique perspective on trucking accidents comes from 15 years of experience working for trucking carriers and insurers, applies his nuanced understanding and insider knowledge to truck accident cases involving his clients. He and his attorneys have profound industry insight, shaped by an extensive two-decade-long journey in this specialized field. Unlike many personal injury lawyers who may only dabble in trucking cases, Hammack Law Firm’s foundation is built on a comprehensive understanding and specific focus on truck accident cases.

Hammack and his team of attorneys are not just familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – (safety rules for truck drivers and commercial carriers)  – they know them inside and out. This knowledge allows them to navigate complex legal landscapes, pinpoint liabilities, and effectively counter the tactics used by truck insurers to obscure facts and evade responsibility in their representation of injured clients.

Furthermore, Hammack himself has personally operated various types of trucks, including dump trucks, semi-trucks, and flat-bed haulers. His practical experience offers an unmatched and invaluable perspective that enriches his firm’s legal strategies and client advocacy.

For information about what to do in the unfortunate event of a truck accident, read Hammack’s blog, What to Do After a Truck Accident in South Carolina.

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