Wll Attorneys Fees and Medical Bills Eat Up Any Recovery For My Injuries and Pain and Suffering?

April 24, 2024 – Paul Hammack

Wll Attorneys Fees and Medical Bills Eat Up Any Recovery For My Injuries and Pain and Suffering?

Many people believe that they will not receive anything if they hire an attorney when there is only a minimum limits policy. You may ask” Why should I waste part of the policy limits on attorney’s fees?” The short answer is that by hiring an attorney you can almost ensure that you will receive some compensation for your injuries. It is Hammack Law Firm’s policy that we will never take more in fees than you recover for your injuries after deducting costs. You never have to worry about you Greenville personal injury attorney at Hammack Law Firm taking more money in fees than you receive. Moreover, by hiring us you stand a great chance of being able to split the policy limits evenly three ways between you, your medical bills and attorney’s fees. If you go it alone you will be stuck negotiating your medical bills and may end up with substantially less than if you had hired an attorney.

The insurance company is not responsible to pay directly for your treatment, and they won’t tell you that after signing the release they will reduce the total payout by the gross medical bills and pay them without negotiating them on your behalf, or even worse-issuing you a joint check and leaving you to clean up the mess.

If you have health insurance, it is also important that this information is properly processed by the medical facilities in order for you as the individual to receive the benefits of your insurance. Lots of clients ask “Why should I use my own insurance if it was not my fault?” Simply put, you should always use your own health insurance because you paid your premiums to get the benefit of the contractual adjustment insurers like Blue Cross, United Healthcare and Cigna get by purchasing healthcare in bulk. Most health insurances will also negotiate your final subrogation lien amount by at least another 25% at the end of your case, but only if you hire an attorney. For example, we recently had a case where the client incurred over $750,000 in medical bills and there was only $125,000 in coverage. We were able to convince the health insurer to accept $33,000 in full settlement of all medical bills, plus the agreement to cover future treatment.

It is extremely important for you to insist that your health insurance claims are processed because hospitals have incentive to delay filing in the hope that they receive more at the end of your case when compared to their contracted amount with your insurer. The experienced injury attorneys and staff at Hammack Law Firm will do everything in their power to ensure that your claims have been properly processed and you net the most compensation you deserve.

An experienced attorney can negotiate the total amount of bills to be paid to the medical facility for treatment. The Greenville, South Carolina personal injury attorneys at Hammack Law Firm have experience handling cases just like this.

If you have been injured in an accident and your medical bills are very high, call the attorneys at Hammack Law Firm today. Our attorneys have personal experience in getting you the compensation that you need. Call today and receive your free legal consultation and see how Hammack Law Firm is “putting the personal back in personal injury!” (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333

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