Should I Meet With the Insurance Adjuster Before I Meet With A Car Accident Lawyer?

July 12, 2023 – Paul Hammack

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If you’ve been in a car accident, you may feel uncertain about what steps to take next. Should you call the insurance company? Or is it best to speak to a lawyer first?

One of the most crucial decisions you can make is whether to speak with the insurance adjuster or consult with a car accident lawyer first. It may seem like it shouldn’t matter which one you talk to first, but the truth is that it does.

To help you make a more well-informed decision, we’ll examine the pros and cons of meeting with an insurance adjuster first vs. meeting with a lawyer. Our ultimate goal at The Hammack Law Firm is to empower you so that you can defend your rights and obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

What Is an Insurance Adjuster?

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to assess your claim. The adjuster’s primary responsibility is to investigate the accident, evaluate the damages, and determine the potential liability of the at-fault party.

Although the adjuster may appear helpful and sympathetic toward your claim, it’s essential to keep in mind that their ultimate goal is to protect the insurance company’s interests and reduce their financial liability. The less money they compensate you, the better it is for their company’s bottom line.

Benefits of Meeting with the Insurance Adjuster

However, while an insurance adjuster may not have your best interests in mind, there are a few benefits to seeking their assistance before meeting with your lawyer, including:

Prompt Communication

Meeting with the insurance adjuster early on may expedite the claims process and ensure your immediate medical expenses and property damage repairs are addressed quickly, which can be especially good if money is a major concern.

Preliminary Claim Evaluation

The adjuster may provide an initial evaluation of your claim, giving you an idea of the potential settlement amount. However, keep in mind that this evaluation may not reflect the actual value of your case.

Reasons to Consult with a Car Accident Lawyer First

While consulting with an insurance adjuster may provide a few perks upfront, it can also come around to bite you in the end if you don’t navigate the process and conversation carefully. Anything you say that may demonstrate liability in your accident can be used to deny your claim.

Likewise, the insurance adjuster knows loopholes that you may not be aware of, and having someone by your side who can ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve is vital to preserving your claim. Some of the other ways that seeking a lawyer’s help before talking to the insurance company can help your case include:

Protects Your Rights

A car accident lawyer specializes in personal injury law and understands the legal intricacies involved in your claim, meaning they will ensure your rights are protected throughout your claims process and prevent you from inadvertently making any self-incriminating statements.

Maximizes Your Compensation

Insurance companies often try to settle claims quickly and for as little as possible. By consulting with a car accident lawyer, you can leverage their expertise and have a legal expert negotiating for your fair compensation. This compensation should cover your immediate expenses and any future medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. You will often receive a much more significant settlement amount for your claim than you would without legal representation.

Levels the Playing Field

It is highly recommended to have a car accident lawyer by your side when dealing with insurance companies. The insurance company has its own team of professionals who are solely focused on protecting their interests, making it crucial to also have someone fighting for your rights and leveling the playing field too.


While meeting with the insurance adjuster after a car accident may seem like a reasonable step, it’s essential to remember that their interests may not align with yours. Remember, anything you say can be used against you, so best to have someone who knows exactly how to handle the tactics of scrupulous insurance adjusters.

Consulting with a car accident lawyer before engaging in discussions with the adjuster can provide you with invaluable guidance, legal protection, and the best chance of maximizing your compensation. An experienced attorney will ensure your rights are upheld, handle complex negotiations, and navigate the legal challenges of your claim, giving you peace of mind during this demanding time.

At Hammack Law Firm, our dedicated attorneys have a proven track record of success in advocating for our clients’ rights and securing favorable outcomes. Time is of the essence in personal injury cases. Don’t delay— reach out to Hammack Law Firm today. Together, we’ll fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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