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Car Accident Lawyers With Extensive Experience

Each time you get in the car to commute to work, drop the kids off at school, or take a quick trip to the grocery store, you are taking a chance on your life. Driving is an essential component of our daily routines, but the fact is, even though you may be taking every necessary precaution to drive safely, others may not be so considerate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that car accidents result in more than 32,000 deaths and 2 million injuries each year. In 2017, 1,035 traffic fatalities occurred on South Carolina’s roads.

If you or a loved one is the victim of another driver’s negligence, the Greenville car accident lawyers of Hammack Law Firm can take legal action for you.

Frequent Distractions That Lead to Car Accidents

Many car accidents are due to human error and could have been prevented with more caution. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and undivided attention to your surroundings is the only way to drive safely. Sadly, even if you drive perfectly, you can’t fully account for someone else’s lack of responsibility.

Some of the most common causes of accidents are:

These driving mistakes can seriously injure or kill blameless individuals. Drivers who knowingly partake in negligent acts should be held accountable for the accidents they cause.

Common Injuries Suffered in Auto Accidents

Bodily injuries can range from mild to severe. It is essential to seek medical attention to determine the severity of a car accident injury. Sometimes, car accidents result in long-term or permanent injuries that require medical treatment for extended periods. This is not only costly but can also result in major alterations to a victim’s lifestyle.

Common injuries suffered in car accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken bones (ribs, legs, arms, neck)
  • Lacerations (cuts and scrapes)
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal bleeding (punctured organs)
  • Head injuries (brain trauma)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries (whiplash)
  • Disability
  • Death

Do not endure such injuries alone. The Greenville car accident lawyers of Hammack Law Firm are ready to help you seek a financial recovery.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Every car accident comes with its own individual set of circumstances that can alter the amount of available damages. The cause of the accident and the resulting injuries will help determine how much compensation you deserve.

Victims of an auto collision can generally seek economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages are direct costs resulting from the events of the accident, such as:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Medical bills (past, present, future)
  • Lost wages

Non-Economic Damages are damages that are not easily calculated but can add value to your claim, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship

Punitive Damages may be appropriate in some cases. These damages serve to punish liable parties for exhibiting intentional misconduct.

How Can a Lawyer Help After a Car Accident?

A personal injury lawyer from Hammack Law Firm can manage every step of your case. Whether you bring an insurance claim or lawsuit, we will take the responsibility off your hands. We generally help car accident victims in Greenville by:

  • Identifying all liable parties: One or more parties may be responsible for your accident and resulting damages. We will find out who those parties are, why they are liable, and how much they owe you for your losses.
  • Seeking evidence and documentation: The more usable evidence and documentation we obtain, the stronger your case for compensation may be. Our team will gather any available accident reports, footage, photos, witness accounts, and invoices. Such documentation may prove that: a) the defendant is liable for your accident, and b) you’ve suffered losses because of your accident.
  • Serving as the point of communication for all case-related matters: You’re recovering – you shouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies or other attorneys. We will be the point of contact for all case-related matters, sparing you from unnecessary contact.
  • Assigning a value to your losses: The monetary value of your damages will set the bar for a fair recovery.
  • Completing settlement negotiations: These negotiations may be ongoing throughout your case, even if we go to trial. The door to a settlement never closes.
  • Defending your rights: This is our primary responsibility to every client. We’ll prevent insurers and other malicious parties from violating your rights.

Your attention should be on your health. By hiring us, you allow yourself the time necessary to recover. Additionally, you’ll get the benefits of our firm’s resources and experience.

Client Testimonials for Hammack Law Firm

Our former clients further explain why you should hire Hammack Law Firm for your car accident case in Greenville:

  • “This was a quick and painless process. Everyone here is extremely helpful and answered my questions as they came up. Hammack Law firm worked for us!” – Tasha, former client
  • “I have never met a law firm that genuinely cared for their clients [like Hammack Law Firm]. Very warm and welcoming atmosphere. My family and I were always treated like family. Paul Hammack and his team helped me get what I deserved and they did not stop until they did. Words cannot express my gratitude for all your hard work and dedication.” – Monica, former client
  • “Hammack Law Firm is absolutely one of the finest, most professional groups of people I have ever met. They are compassionate about what they do. Paul is very personable and reaches out to each and every one of his clients to keep them informed on their case! I give them a five-star rating!” – Lauren, former client

We will ensure that you’re comfortable with every decision we make. While we provide you the space to recover, we’ll provide regular updates about your case. You’re also encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns that arise.

South Carolina Traffic Accident Laws

South Carolina Code of Laws Section 15-3-530 sets the statute of limitations to file for a car accident injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. Victims are generally allowed three years from the accident to file their lawsuit. For wrongful death cases, the three-year statute of limitations starts on the date of the decedent’s passing.

You may still collect compensation even if you’re partially liable for your accident. South Carolina follows the comparative negligence rule, which holds all liable parties accountable for their actions. However, drivers who contribute greater than 50 percent of fault cannot recover damages in a “torts claim” in South Carolina.

Another note: South Carolina Code of Laws Section 56-5-1270 requires you to file a Traffic Collision Report form with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if your crash resulted in:

  • $1,000 in property damages or more, or:
  • Physical injuries or fatalities

You don’t need to file a form if a police officer created a report for your accident. South Carolina requires every driver to have auto liability insurance. Liability insurance generally covers non-liable victims for damages caused by the liable motorist, including:

  • Bodily injury – Any physical injuries that result in the need for medical treatment, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Property damage – Damage to vehicles and other property near the scene of the accident.
  • Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage provides protection for damages caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists who do not have the means of paying you for bodily injury and property damage.

You may pursue a claim against the at-fault driver to recover compensation for bodily injury and property damage.

Steps to Take Towards Compensation

If you wish to seek compensation against the person responsible for your car accident, there are steps you can take to prove negligence and build a strong case:

1. First and foremost, seek medical attention

Even the slightest injury can become serious. Shock and adrenaline may dull some pain, and a medical professional can make an informed assessment of any injuries you have sustained.

Your wellbeing is the number one priority, so seek medical attention as soon as possible. Medical records can be proof when your attorney is seeking a financial recovery.

2. Gather the other driver’s personal information

If possible, write down the contact info of all parties involved in your accident. Get their names, contact information, and insurance details.

Also, gather personal contact information from any witnesses to your accident. Your attorney will seek any information that you fail to collect, but you can protect yourself by gathering these details.

3. Police and accident reports

A police officer is likely to assist the scene of an accident, especially if injuries or fatalities have been reported. Ask the officer how you may retrieve a copy of the accident report. They may provide a copy of the report at the scene. Take note of any traffic citations that were issued, as citations may help prove negligence on behalf of the other party.

Tire skid marks and other evidence such as damage to your car indicate negligent driving that caused the accident. If you can, take pictures and videos and write down a detailed account of the accident scene. You may also recount how the accident occurred while your memory is fresh.

If you call our team at Hammack Law Firm following your accident, we may immediately send investigators to gather important evidence to build a strong case for you.

4. Medical bills, damage statements, pay stubs – any proof financial losses

Maintain as much documentation of your losses as you can. Keep previous and current pay stubs that illustrate your loss of income due to time missed from work. Any other damages, such as repairs to your vehicle, should also be included with your documentation.

5. Seek a team of professionals

Our team has extensive knowledge of traffic laws in South Carolina, experience litigating in court, and has handled many car accident cases successfully. We know the tactics insurance companies use to try to undermine your injuries and pain and suffering in hopes of reducing your payout.

The lawyers at Hammack Law Firm will negotiate with the insurance companies to recover a fair settlement on your behalf. We are not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary. Your recovery is our top priority. Having a car accident attorney help you seek compensation can alleviate financial burdens after an accident. Call Hammack Law Firm today at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for your FREE consultation.

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