Will the Insurance Company of the At-Fault Driver Pay My Medical Bills?

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    The cost of healthcare bills can add up quickly after a car accident. If another driver caused your injuries, his or her insurance company should pay your medical bills, but the insurer won’t pay anything until your case has been resolved by a settlement or verdict.  Make no mistake,  they will lie to you and tell you that they will make a quick settlement and pay all of your medical bills but that is not how the game is played.  The fact is that Insurers are not in the business of paying for medical bills as they arise and they only have their interests in mind so don’t be fooled.

    Will the Insurance Company of the At-Fault Driver Pay My Medical Bills?

    Some accident victims are hesitant to seek medical attention because they fear the expense. This, however, can be a costly mistake. If you do not visit a doctor immediately after your crash, the insurance company may argue that your injuries were not serious enough to require treatment and, therefore, they do not warrant compensation.

    Keep in mind that you will be compensated for your healthcare bills once your case is finalized. In the meantime, if you cannot afford medical care, there are several options available to help you pay for treatment. These include:

    1. File a Claim against Your Own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments Coverage

    If you have PIP or Med-Pay coverage, your own auto insurance carrier should pay your medical bills no matter who was at fault for the crash. If your insurer denied your PIP claim, contact Hammack Law Firm to discuss your options.

    Paul Hammack is a personal injury attorney in Greenville who knows the tactics that insurance companies use to cheat policyholders out of fair compensation. During your free initial consultation, Mr. Hammack will examine your accident, review your insurance policy, and explain your options. Call 864-326-3333 schedule a consultation.

    Let’s take a look at a few more ways to pay for medical bills while your personal injury claim is pending:

    1. Use Your Private or Group Coverage

    You may have medical coverage through your employer or private policy, in which case your insurance company should pay your healthcare bills. If you recover compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer, you may have to repay your insurance company. However, sometimes your medical provider will refuse to process your insurance while an accident claim is pending or your insurer will not process the claim without you completing an accident questionnaire.  Hammack Law firm can help push your medical providers and your health insurer to do the right thing. Paul Hammack will handle negotiations on your behalf so you can keep as much of the recovery as possible.

    1. Medical Lien

    Your doctor may provide treatment for free in exchange for a lien on your personal injury settlement or verdict. This is an agreement that states you will repay your doctor after your case has been resolved.  There are many facilities that will treat patients on an “Assignment of Benefits” so you do not have to come out of pocket to get the care you need.  While Hammack Law Firm does not direct treatment, we can provide you a list of potential health care providers from which you can choose to seek treatment.

    1. Medicaid or Medicare

    Medicaid or Medicare can provide the funds you need to cover your medical bills until your case is finalized. You will have to repay Medicaid or Medicare if you recover compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

    If you were injured by a drunk, distracted, or negligent driver in South Carolina, contact Hammack Law Firm. Attorney Paul Hammack will help you fight for the compensation you need to pay for healthcare bills, lost income, and other damages. Call 864-326-3333 to arrange a free consultation with an auto accident lawyer in Greenville.

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