Which Side of the Highway is Safest to Pull Over On?

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There are many unanticipated things that occur while we are driving that require us to pull our vehicles over. Let’s say you receive an important phone call or your two-year-old just threw up in the back seat. With four kids the second one is not a hypothetical for me.Which Side of the Highway is Safest to Pull Over On?According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, if you need to stop your vehicle, whether it is for assistance because something has gone wrong or you need to pull off for other reasons, “move the vehicle to the right side of the road out of the flow of traffic.” “The left side of a divided highway is extremely dangerous.”  You should only pull into the left side if your vehicle is disabled and you have no other choice.

After pulling over, there a few things you should also keep in mind. This includes:

  1. Turning on your emergency flashers to show you are having trouble or that you have pulled off the highway.
  2. Be sure the vehicles coming up behind you have a clear view of your car and try to avoid stopping just over a hill or around a curve. If a car is traveling over a hill or around a curve and doesn’t have ample time to see you or your stationary vehicle, it places you and those traveling with you at a higher risk of engaging in an accident.
  3. Warn other drivers that your vehicle is there. You can do this by placing emergency flares behind the vehicle or raising your hood.
  4. Don’t stand in the roadway. There have been numerous accidents that have occurred involving individuals who have been standing close by to the highway after having to pull their vehicle off to the side. To prevent this from happening, keep a clear distance between the highway and yourself.

[Source: Missouri Department of Revenue].

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