What Safety Gear is Best for Motorcyclists to Wear to Protect Themselves from Injury?

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If you are an avid motorcyclist or are learning how to ride a motorcycle for the first time, you probably have learned just how dangerous it can be. Aside from being susceptible to engaging in an accident, you also don’t have the protection of a vehicle in the event an accident does occur. That is why it is vital that all bikers wear the appropriate the clothing/gear each and every time they ride as you never know when the unexpected accident is going to occur. What Safety Gear is Best for Motorcyclists to Wear to Protect Themselves from Injury?

If you’re wondering what types of safety gear are best for a motorcyclist to wear, below we are sharing with you a few things you might want to consider purchasing if you haven’t done so already that will help keep you safe and potentially prevent a serious injury.

  1. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, “the most important piece of protective gear you can wear is a helmet manufactured to comply with DOT standards.” The source highlighted that based on research, it has been determined that helmets save lives by reducing the occurrence of head injuries.
  2. Face Shields. Because you don’t have a large windshield similar to those in cars or trucks standing between you and the roadway, a motorcyclist is more likely to get hit in the face with flying debris, small rocks, insects, etc. and the last thing you need is for this to hit you in the face. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation says that most prescription eyeglasses and the small windshields bikes come equipped with just aren’t enough to protect you from all that is flying around. So, if you haven’t done so, consider investing in something that will protect your entire face, not just your eyes. But, be sure that if you purchase a face shield that you are able to securely fasten it to your helmet. If you choose a tinted face shield, only wear it during the daylight hours as it helps avoid eye fatigue, however, be sure to wear a clear shield at night so your vision is not distorted.
  3. If you don’t want to purchase a face shield, perhaps look into buying goggles as you are more vulnerable to having thing fly in your face and into your eyes. Without adequate eye protection, you put yourself at risk of being injured which could potentially lead to a motorcycle accident occurring if you aren’t able to see to steer your motorcycle.
  4. Jackets, Pants, and Riding Suits. Wearing the proper clothing while out riding your motorcycle will help prevent or reduce injury and will help keep you feeling comfortable while riding in adverse weather conditions. If you want something that will provide you with a high level of injury protection, consider looking for these items made with leather, Cordura, Kevlar, or ballistic nylon.
  5. By wearing full-fingered motorcycle gloves, you are protecting your hands from blisters, wind, sun, and the cold weather. They also help prevent cuts, bruises, and abrasions in the event of a crash.

If you would like to read more about the types of gear you can purchase to make your next ride a safer one, visit the MSF website. And if you were the victim of a motorcycle collision recently consider contacting Greenville, SC personal injury attorney Paul Hammack. You may be entitled to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damages and Hammack Law Firm is more than capable of helping you recover this.

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