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    Small towns don’t always have immediate access to outstanding, deeply experienced attorneys to provide you with strong representations.

    With a population of approximately 35,000 people, Seneca and Oconee County have so much to offer — gorgeous scenery and lakes, goodhearted people, a real sense of history, and a lot more. But when the people of Seneca find themselves unexpectedly injured, they need someone to help guide them through the process that follows.

    Even in the “City of Smiles, City with Style,” accidents do happen. Cars crash, animals attack, doctors make mistakes, customers slip and fall, etc. The world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Isn’t it nice to know that there’s a friendly hand you can turn to for professional legal advice when you need it?

    That’s why the Hammack Law Firm exists.

    Our office is located in Greenville, SC — less than an hour’s drive from Seneca. As a matter of fact, we have helped many people in the Seneca community since we opened our doors in Greenville in 2008, and we are proud to think of Oconee County as a part of our home.

    The people of Seneca trust our firm because it’s headed by attorney Paul Hammack, who spent many years working in major law firms that defended insurance companies. That’s important because it means he has an insider’s perspective on your claim. He knows the insurance industry inside and out, and he knows how to leverage your case to get the most value.  Most of all, he knows what makes the insurance companies tick, and he knows how to push the buttons to get them to pay top dollar.

    When you meet with our firm, you’ll know that an experienced Seneca personal injury attorney is strategizing with the other side’s tactics in mind. That can make all the difference. Rather than hiring an inexperienced attorney that the insurance companies don’t know, you should consider hiring the attorney that they know is not afraid to take your case to trial.  Paul Hammack knows how to squeeze the most out of every case.

    We believe in seeking maximum compensation in every single case. Ideally, we’ll achieve that through a settlement agreement, sparing everyone the headache of a courtroom. But if court is what it takes to recover what you owe, we are prepared to hold the at-fault parties accountable in front of a judge and a jury of your peers.

    Hammack Law Firm: experienced, insightful, and aggressive legal representation for the people of Seneca, SC. Because you matter.

    Seneca Truck Accident Attorney

    Seneca’s proximity to several major highways and Interstate 85 means that its people sometimes fall victim to terrible traffic accidents. The very worst of these tend to involve large commercial trucks or tractor-trailers.

    Commercial truck accidents typically raise a number of complex legal issues that aren’t always relevant in other car crashes. In fact, that’s true for any large vehicle (buses, boats, and beyond).

    Attorney Paul Hammack spent 19 years working specifically in truck accident litigation, so he is well versed in the realities of large vehicle crashes. He also knows the trucking industry and how to obtain the evidence from trucking companies to punish them for allowing their truckers to drive while fatigued, over their maximum driving hours of service, or in a poorly maintained tractor-trailer. He knows that the injuries in these cases can last a lifetime, and victims need a lawyer who’s prepared to go after the kind of large-scale compensation they deserve. Every case is different, but Paul will help you put the trucking companies in their place and obtain the best possible outcome for you.

    If you have been hurt in any traffic accident involving a large truck, Paul Hammack is a Seneca truck accident attorney you can trust.

    Seneca Auto Accident Attorney

    Of course, most traffic accidents involve cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, or SUVs. Hammack Law Firm offers aggressive representation for any kind of auto accident in South Carolina. There is no case too sophisticated or complex. We help drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bikers throughout Oconee County, including Seneca, Walhalla, Westminster, Salem, West Union, and beyond.

    If you’ve suffered injury in a car crash in Seneca and have questions about your legal rights, please do not hesitate to give us a call. There is no obligation and nothing to lose. You can count on Seneca auto accident attorney Paul Hammack.

    “I was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene. Paul was able to get the insurer to pay their policy limits and get me my money quickly. His staff was very understanding and responsive and Paul returned my calls directly.”

    —Michelle T

    Seneca Boat Accident Attorney

    Paul is an experienced Maritime and Admiralty lawyer.  The citizens of Oconee County spend a lot of time on Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee.  Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules and severe accidents occur when boaters or operators of personal watercraft or jet skis are negligent.

    Boating injuries can be particularly damaging because people tend wear less clothing, making it easier to be hurt by propellers or fixed objects. If you have been injured in a boating accident, call Paul Hammack, your Seneca boat and watercraft attorney.

    Representation for Other Personal Injury Accidents in Seneca

    In addition to truck, auto, and motorcycle accidents in Oconee County, our office is available to help with any personal injury accident. Our other areas of focus include:

    • Premises liability
    • Slip and fall
    • Dangerous or defective products
    • Dog bites & other animal attacks
    • Medical malpractice
    • Workplace injuries
    • Brain injuries
    • Wrongful death
    • Insurance defense & coverage
    • Social Security Disability
    • Much more

    A Spanish-Speaking Lawyer: Seneca, South Carolina

    We speak Spanish. If you are looking for a Spanish-speaking lawyer in Seneca, SC, you can count on the Hammack Law Firm. Se Habla Español. Llamar Tracy or Paul ahora.  864-326-3333.

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    Seneca needs a law firm it can count on. We believe we are that law firm. Our front door is only a short drive away, and if you can’t make it to our office, we’ll come to you today.

    Our Client Bill of Rights offers a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee — no costs and no fees. If you are not completely satisfied with our services, you are free to come pick up your file with no strings attached.

    To get started, please simply contact us online or call 864-326-3333 for a free consultation with a Seneca personal injury attorney.

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    Our Client Bill of Rights offers a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee —no costs and no fees. We serve our Greenville clients in all areas of personal injury, including auto and motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and boating accidents.

    To get started with our Greenville personal injury law firm, please simply contact us online or call 864-326-3333 for a free consultation.

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