Purchasing a Used Motorcycle? 3 Tips from a Greenville Injury Lawyer

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    Riding a motorcycle comes with a thrill that no other vehicle can match. They are also easier to park and can reduce your fuel expenses. Unfortunately, a crash with a motor vehicle is likely to end with injuries or worse, which is why motorcyclists must take steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

    Purchasing a Used Motorcycle? 3 Tips from a Greenville Injury Lawyer

    Safe riding begins well before a motorcyclist hits the road. The design of the bike you purchase can have a profound impact on your safety. If you are shopping for a used motorcycle, keep these three tips in mind:

    1. Choose the right bike for your skills and lifestyle;
    2. Inspect the bike thoroughly;
    3. And take it for a test ride.

    Unfortunately, no matter how cautious you are on the road, nobody is immune to collisions. If you were injured by a negligent driver in South Carolina, contact the Hammack Law Firm. Paul Hammack is an accident attorney in Greenville who will evaluate your crash to determine if you have grounds for a claim.

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    Here are three tips for purchasing a used motorcycle:

    1. Choose the Right Bike for Your Skills and Lifestyle

    Choosing the right motorcycle is not all about looks; the most important consideration is how the bike fits your skills and lifestyle. As the Motorcycle Safety Foundation explains, there are three main categories of motorcycles you can purchase: street, off-road and dual purpose. Within each category, there are several variations related to power, riding position and features.

    You should only buy a motorcycle that will fulfill your needs and complement your skill level. For example, do not purchase a cruiser if you want to commute through a busy city; chances are, a smaller, lighter motorcycle designed for urban environments will be more convenient and enjoyable to ride.

    1. Inspect the Bike Thoroughly

    Conduct a thorough inspection of the motorcycle before you make the purchase. provides a comprehensive checklist to reference when evaluating a used bike. If you are unsure what to look for, take the motorcycle to a mechanic for a professional evaluation.

    1. Take It for a Test Ride

    If the motorcycle passes your inspection, take it for a test ride. Start in a closed and controlled environment such as an empty parking lot. If you feel comfortable, ask the owner if you can take it for a ride on the open road. Make sure the bike runs smoothly, feels safe and is easy to handle.

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