Planning a Summer Boat Trip? 4 Essential Safety Tips from a Greenville Injury Lawyer

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Boating is the perfect way to enjoy the summer sun with family and friends. However, the U.S. Coast Guard reminds boaters that this hobby comes with inherent dangers. Equipment failure, drunken vessel operators and inclement weather can all contribute to severe accidents.

Planning a Summer Boat Trip? 4 Essential Safety Tips from a Greenville Injury Lawyer

As such, it is important that boaters prepare for the worst. Here are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Tell someone about your trip before you cast off;
  2. Make a pre-departure checklist;
  3. Monitor the weather;
  4. And never drink alcohol before operating a boat.

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In the meantime, read on for a brief overview of four essential tips for boating safety:

  1. Tell Someone about Your Trip before You Cast Off

Make sure a friend, loved one or worker at the marina knows your boating plans. Tell that person where you will go and when you intend to return.

Be sure to provide the following details:

  • The addresses, phone numbers and names of any passengers;
  • Your address, phone number and name;
  • The model of your boat and its registration information;
  • And data for your communications equipment.
  1. Make a Pre-Departure Checklist

You should always complete a pre-departure checklist before you cast off. Malfunctioning parts and other problems are much easier to fix on land than in the water. You can download and print a comprehensive pre-departure checklist from Discover Boating.

  1. Monitor the Weather

Adverse weather can be just as dangerous for boat operators as it is for motor-vehicle drivers – perhaps more so. Rain can inhibit your vision, which can make it difficult to notice buoys, waterway markers and hazards. High winds can make the water surface choppy and impact your vessel’s handling.

You should always check the weather forecast before you depart. Also, watch for oncoming storms, and get off the water if conditions appear to be worsening.

  1. Never Drink Alcohol before Operating a Boat

Boating under the influence not only is illegal, but it is also dangerous. Alcohol affects your coordination and reaction time. Drunk boaters may find it difficult to handle their vessels – especially in high winds. They also may not notice hazards in time to take evasive action.

If you were injured in a boat wreck, contact the Hammack Law Firm. Paul Hammack is a Greenville injury lawyer who can evaluate your case to determine if you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income and noneconomic damages.

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