One Dead in Fiery I-85 Truck Accident

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One person was killed in a fiery crash involving two 18-wheelers at approximately 2:45 this morning on I-85, near the exit for Highway 81. The accident shut down two lanes on I-85 for nearly six hours.

The accident occurred when a truck crashed into the other, which was parked on the shoulder. Both trailers burst into flames. The person driving the moving trailer was trapped inside, and was found dead on the scene.

Federal motor carrier safety regulations require truck drivers to place warning devices on the roadway when their commercial vehicle is stopped. The regulation outlines that these devices, such as reflective triangles or flares, be placed in various locations around the stopped 18-wheeler so that oncoming traffic can respond safely. It is unclear whether or not these were in place at the time of the accident.

When truck accidents occur, it can be tricky to piece together exactly what happened and who is at fault. There are numerous regulations and parties involved in any trucking accident, which only add complexity to the victim’s fight for justice. Nevertheless, despite the challenge, we hope that the victim’s family is able to find the help they need after this tragic crash.

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