Noah Durkin-White Wins Living With Autism Scholarship

September 7, 2021 – Paul Hammack

Noah Durkin-White Wins Living With Autism Scholarship

In an effort to highlight the lived experiences of people with autism, Hammack Law Firm offered the Living With Autism scholarship for incoming college students. This year, Noah Durkin-White has been awarded the $2,500 prize.

Mr. Durkin-White’s winning essay detailed his experiences within the American school system. In elementary school, he wrote, he was aided by two caring teachers who understood that students often learn in different ways. 

However, middle and high school classes, especially the “special education” courses that were used as a catch-all for students with a variety of disorders and learning disabilities, were difficult.

Fortunately, Durkin-White transferred to a high school that was more suited to his needs, and he began to thrive. Where he had initially struggled against bullies and failed to “fit in,” he now gravitated toward people who better understood him and used his previous trauma to develop empathy for others in similar situations. “I developed resilience,” he said.

What truly set Noah Durkin-White apart from other applicants, however, was his dedication to making the world a better place. Though only 23, his ambitions are limitless. Here’s what Noah plans to do with his future:

  • He plans to study psychology this fall at Columbia University.
  • After getting his Bachelor’s degree, his goal is to study to become a neurologist.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, he began volunteering with StreetWatchLA, which provides water and other forms of assistance to unhoused people in local communities.

Hammack Law Firm is proud to support the education of Noah Durkin-White through the Living With Autism scholarship. Our goal as a personal injury law firm is to provide assistance and aid to those who need it and ensure that justice is served. This includes helping local communities, encouraging education, and lifting up the voices of young people who show as much promise as Mr. Durkin-White.

Read Noah Durkin-White’s winning essay and watch his interview here.

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