Is it Better to Walk with or Against Traffic?

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    If you have ever found yourself having to walk with traffic, you may have been wondering which side of the street, with or against traffic, you should be walking on. Not knowing the answer to this could place you and your loved ones at risk of being injured. Because accident attorney Paul Hammack has handled many pedestrian-related accident cases and knows just how damaging they can be, below are a few tips to help keep you safe if you ever find yourself walking with traffic.
    Is it Better to Walk with or Against Traffic?
    1. Not all roadways have sidewalks built next to them which makes it rather difficult for pedestrians as they are then forced to go into the road. If you ever encounter this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says you should walk facing traffic. The reason being is because if a car is approaching you from behind, you only have your ears to rely on to let you know it’s coming. You can’t see it, nor will you be able to get out of the way if it happens to be getting too close to you. If you are walking against traffic, which means you are facing the cars as they come your way, you at least have your eyes and ears and a better chance at being able to dodge a vehicle that is veering off the road nearby to you [Source: com].
    2. When it comes time to cross the street, only cross at intersections. The NTSHA says that the majority of people who are hit by vehicles are those that cross the road at places other than an intersection. Most intersections come equipped with pedestrian walkways and traffic lights to help make drivers aware that they should keep an eye out for pedestrians.

    Below we highlight some other things you need to know if you find yourself going out for walks in your neighborhood or even if you walk to work on a daily basis.

    Drivers need to see you so they can avoid hitting you or coming close to colliding into you. With that said, keep these tips in mind so you can help increase the chances of a driver, who might be distracted, sleepy, or lost in thought, see you as a large number of accidents occur involving these types of drivers.

    1. Stay out of a driver’s blind spot.
    2. Make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street.
    3. Wear bright colors or reflective clothing if you are going to be walking near traffic at night.
    4. Carry a flashlight as well if you know you will be walking in the nighttime or even during the early morning hours when the sun it not quite up yet.
    5. Do not let your kids play near traffic or cross the street themselves. Kids are small which means they are even harder for drivers to see.

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