Greenville’s Paris Mountain and the Swamp Rabbit Trail Offer Some of the Best Recreational Biking in the South.

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    Summer is just around the corner and Greenville, South Carolina is looking better than ever. As you replace your winter coats with a fresh coat of SPF 50, make sure you remember all of the wondrous ways you can explore Greenville on bikes.

    Greenville’s Paris Mountain and the Swamp Rabbit Trail Offer Some of the Best Recreational Biking in the South.

    We are all looking at ways to reduce the fat tire around our midsection.  One of my personal favorites is going on a bike ride. Whether you are biking the beautiful Swamp Rabbit Trail, hitting the scenic trails of Paris Mountain State Park, or stopping in for food and beer at Piney Mountain Bike Lounge, Greenville South Carolina has an abundance of biking activities for the whole family to enjoy.  The beauty of Greenville’s biking community is you can find somewhere to bike at every experience level.


    If you have ever driven over Paris Mountain, I am sure you have seen those incredible athletes (who if I am being honest, are in better shape than I could dream of being) peddling up the mountain. That takes a level of commitment few people can muster.  If you are one of those exceptional Greenville cyclists, Greenville has tons of riding clubs you can join at various endurance and experience levels.  If you are interested in getting connected with other bikers check out one of the bicycle clubs located in Greenville such as The Greenville Spinners or join a cycling meetup group at Greenville Cycling Meetups.

    If you would rather go on a casual ride with your family, I would highly recommend the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Spanning 20.6 miles, bikers and runners can see so much of what Greenville and Travelers Rest has to offer. 20 plus miles may seem like a lot, but don’t let it scare you. Take it from someone who gets winded walking up a few flights of stairs – the Swamp Rabbit Trail is great for the entire family! There are multiple opportunities to stop for food, water, or rest, and the trail is relatively flat so even the kids can enjoy it.  The best part is, if you do not have a bike, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of places to rent from like: Reedy Rides, or Sunrift Adventures (You can rent mountain bikes from Sunrift too!)

    With so many places to rent from and things to do on The Swamp Rabbit Trail, it looks like we have no excuse not to get out there and ride! If you are looking to feed your inner mountain goat and get a little more adventurous, there are options for you too! As mentioned before, Paris Mountain has trails for bikers of multiple skill levels (for a list of trails and their difficulty levels go to Paris Mountain’s Website). I highly recommend wearing the proper gear and checking the trail maps before heading out, and be sure to let someone outside your group know where you plan to ride. To have the best trip possible, you definitely want to be prepared for the difficulty of certain trails.

    As you can see, Greenville, South Carolina has such an incredible biking community that is eager for more people to join. The best part is, no matter your experience or fitness level, you can always find somewhere to ride and somebody to ride with! If you are looking for an adventure this summer I highly recommend that you hop on a friend’s bike and see what Greenville has to offer!

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