What Are the Most Common Injuries in Truck Accidents? Greenville Injury Lawyer Investigates

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    Due to their size and weight, large trucks can cleave a path of destruction. The occupants of passenger vehicles tend to suffer the worst of the impact. Unfortunately, these collisions are far more common than many people realize.

    What Are the Most Common Injuries in Truck Accidents? Greenville Injury Lawyer Investigates

    According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 73,000 trucks involved in injury crashes in 2013. Many of the victims faced exorbitant medical bills; some could not return to work, which threatened their families’ financial security.

    Although a truck crash can injure almost any part of the body, these five injuries are particularly common:

    1. Cuts and bruises;
    2. Internal injuries;
    3. Fractures;
    4. Head injuries;
    5. And neck and spinal injuries.

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    Until then, here is a brief overview of five common truck accident injuries:

    1. Cuts and Bruises

    Broken glass, projectiles and shorn metal can all cause severe lacerations. Accident victims who suffer puncture wounds require immediate medical attention. In addition to cuts, severe bruises can form when victims impact the side window, steering wheel, dashboard or objects within the vehicle.

    1. Abdominal and Internal Injuries

    As Medscape explains, blunt abdominal trauma can cause life-threatening injuries. These wounds are particularly common among drivers and passengers who do not wear seatbelts.

    A severe blow to the midsection can damage organs and cause internal bleeding. Symptoms of internal injuries may not appear immediately, but they can be fatal if left untreated. As such, you should always undergo a medical examination after every crash – even if you do not notice symptoms.

    1. Fractures

    The impact of a high-speed truck accident can easily fracture or break bones. Broken bones can take months to heal and cost patients a veritable fortune in medical bills and time off work.

    1. Head Injuries

    Head injuries can be difficult to treat, and they can affect almost every aspect of a person’s life including the victim’s relationships, career and ability to enjoy physical activities.

    1. Neck and Spinal Injuries

    Whiplash is the most common injury in motor-vehicle accidents. Although most cases heal without medical intervention, whiplash can cause severe pain and prevent a victim from working for several days, weeks or even months. In high-speed truck wrecks, victims may suffer partial or complete paralysis due to spinal injuries.

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