What are the Minimum Liability Limits for a Commercial Motor Vehicle that is Involved in a Truck Accident?

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    We rely on our insurance company when our vehicle breaks down or needs repairs and even when we have been involved in an accident. In most cases, when a driver is the victim in an accident and is not responsible for causing it, they can pursue the at-fault party’s insurance for compensation to cover the damage and/or injuries caused, as stated by South Carolina’s Department of Insurance. Under South Carolina law, a driver must carry $25,000 of minimum liability coverage at all times to be in compliance with the law. But what happens when you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck such as a semi or big rig? Are the circumstances the same?

    Like motorists of passenger vehicles and small trucks, owners of commercial vehicles must carry a minimum amount of liability coverage to ensure public safety. According to Commercial Truck Insurance HQ, South Carolina law stipulates that most truckers must maintain a minimum of $750,000 in liability insurance. Of course, these limits vary based on the type of freight that is being hauled and where it is being transported to. Below are a few of the minimum liability requirements based on the type of freight:

    • Non-hazardous freight moved in vehicles under 10,001 lbs.- Minimum liability insurance must be at least $300,000.
    • Non-hazardous freight in vehicles over 10,001 lbs.- $750,000.
    • Oil moved by For-Hire & Private Carriers-$1,000,000.
    • Other Hazardous Material moved by Fort-Hire & Private Carriers- $5,000,000.

    Practically, most commercial motor vehicles have $1 Million in liability coverage. There two main components to a commercial truck driver’s liability insurance policy. The first is third-party liability insurance and it protects the trucking company for claims of third parties for injuries caused by the trucking company driver. The second portion of the minimum coverage is physical property damage and it pays for repairs that are made to other people’s property damaged in an accident. The policy may also contain coverage that applies to injuries the truck driver sustains.

    In the event trucks are being driven through multiple states, this is deemed to be interstate commerce and the federal government requires minimum liability limits of $750,000. Because truck accidents involving commercial motor vehicles such as semis and tractor trailers can be rather serious and cause a significant amount of damage, it is important the owners of the vehicles are complying with state and federal requirements to ensure they are properly protected in the event of an accident.

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