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    Personal injuries are just that — they’re personal. A single accident can turn your entire world upside down. What once was routine now has become a struggle.  Just getting out of bed can become unmanageable. Whether the injuries are moderate or catastrophic, your life probably won’t look the same for a while. Many accident victims face permanent personal injury. Some even perish. You deserve to be fully compensated for your injuries.

    In order to get the most out of your claim, it’s important that you work with a personal injury attorney or lawyer who understands just how wide the range of damages can be for accident victims in South Carolina. The initial impact of personal injury can be overwhelming in and of itself, but the suffering doesn’t stop there.

    At Hammack Law Firm, we have helped countless clients go after the compensation they deserve, including reimbursement for:

    • Ongoing medical care Personal injury attorney Paul Hammack
    • Hospital stays
    • Physical therapy
    • Rehabilitation
    • Physical pain
    • Emotional distress
    • Time away from work
    • Future loss of income
    • Changes in your quality of life
    • Much more

    Personal injury attorney Paul Hammack has dedicated his entire career to helping the people and fine businesses of South Carolina. As a Greenville personal injury lawyer, he’s in a unique position to help those who need a fair shake from their insurance companies — Paul has litigated personal injury on both sides, having represented both plaintiffs and insurance companies.

    Today, he offers his clients an insider’s perspective. He understands these cases. He knows what motivates insurance companies to negotiate fairly. He has a strong command of South Carolina personal injury and insurance law and he has the experience to make a difference in your case. Paul believes in the aggressive pursuit of victory for his clients.

    Insurance litigation is difficult, and it’s not designed to be easy on “the little guy.” You need someone to help guide you through the process. Attorney Paul Hammack can do that for you. He is here to help…because you matter.

    There Are Two Sides to Every Story

    A good lawyer knows that there are at least two sides to any given story. As a Greenville personal injury lawyer, Paul Hammack understands that his job is to advance your best interests.

    Whether you are an insurance company or a victim looking for justice from an insurance company, or are merely looking for guidance to navigate your personal injury claim, Hammack Law can help.

    Our firm’s experience in both camps — trying both plaintiff’s and defendant’s cases — puts us in a unique position to counter the tactics of the other side. We know what’s coming because we’ve been there. We know what works and what doesn’t.

    Through more than 19 years of experience representing clients in personal injury litigation, attorney Paul Hammack has cultivated strategies that work. He’s ready to aggressively steer your case toward an advantageous settlement or, if necessary, victory at trial. We are not afraid to try cases, and in fact, we relish the opportunity to prove what we can do.  Let us show you how we earn our swagger.

    Personal Injury Law

    More importantly, he knows what scares them.  Paul will turn over every stone to uncover driver fatigue, hours of service and driver’s log violations and poor maintenance and safety programs to get you the best possible recovery.

    Conveniently Located Near Downtown Greenville, SC

    Hammack Law Firm is conveniently located at 223 West Stone Avenue, not far from the heart of Downtown Greenville.

    We’re proud to be a part of one of the fastest-growing cities in America. We care about the Greenville community, and we’re committed to helping its people and its businesses thrive.

    Attorney Paul Hammack is licensed in both South Carolina and Georgia, and his services are available to people throughout The Palmetto and Peach States, including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, Seneca, Greenville County, Laurens County, and all of upstate South Carolina and western Georgia. Please feel free to stop by our office, call us by phone, or contact us online.

    Serving Greenville’s Spanish-Speaking Community

    We love Greenville, and we are extremely proud of its rich cultural diversity. As a Greenville personal injury law firm, we have served countless members of our city’s Spanish-speaking community.

    Luchamos por personas heridas. Estamos aquí para ayudar. Llamar Tracy o Paul ahora at  864-326-3333

    At Hammack Law Firm, language is never a barrier to justice.

    Se habla español!

    An Experienced Greenville Truck & Auto Accident Firm

    Hammack Law is a full-service Greenville personal injury law firm with extensive experience in South Carolina truck and auto accident litigation.

    • Truck Accident Litigation — Commercial trucks can cause unthinkable destruction in mere moments. These are dangerous vehicles, and that’s why the law puts strict requirements on their drivers and the companies that employ them. For years, attorney Paul Hammack concentrated specifically on truck accident litigation. Having defended a number of major trucking companies, he is well versed in the industry and knows how to get the most out of every case.
    • Auto Accident Litigation — In addition to large trucking accidents, Hammack Law Firm is also extensively experienced in traffic accidents involving cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and virtually every other kind of vehicle. Whether you’ve been injured as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, we can help.

    Additionally, we handle many other kinds of accidents, including:

    “My husband and I were represented by Hammack Law Firm in an insurance dispute. Paul helped us get the most out of our case and avoid litigation.”

    —Donna W

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    The Hammack Law Client Bill of Rights offers every client a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee, with no costs and no fees. Our initial consultations are available for free, and there is absolutely no obligation when you give us a call.

    To get started, please contact us online or simply dial 864-326-3333 to schedule a free consultation with a Greenville personal injury attorney or lawyer today.

    HLF… Because you matter.

    Our Client Bill of Rights offers a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee —no costs and no fees. We serve our Greenville clients in all areas of personal injury, including auto and motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and boating accidents.

    To get started with our Greenville personal injury law firm, please simply contact us online or call 864-326-3333 for a free consultation.

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