Artisphere is Just Around Corner and Here are some of the Amazing Activities you can Expect!

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    Greenville, South Carolina is one of my favorite cities in the world. This is largely due to vast amount of food, art, and music that this beautiful city has to offer. Every year, Greenville holds a festival called Artisphere that brings all my favorite activities together in one glorious weekend-long showcase of the best that the Upstate has to offer. This year, Artisphere will be taking place May 11th– 13th. Here are some of the incredible activities you can expect to happen during Artisphere, all of which can be found on Artisphere’s website.

    Artisphere is Just Around Corner and Here are some of the Amazing Activities you can Expect!


    The festival is called ARTisphere, so of course we must start by talking about some of the unbelievable artist that will be present at the festival.

    The amazingly talented Brian Olsen will be doing a live painting every day of the festival. If you have never seen an artist do a painting live, it is actually one of the most incredible things you will ever see. As mesmerizing as it is, talent like this is the type of thing that makes me significantly less proud of my Pictionary skills. To make sure you do not miss any of Mr. Olsen’s performances make sure you check out the Artisphere performing art’s schedule.

    Artisphere 2018 will be home to seemingly countless artist including: visual artist, performing artist, and even culinary artist. Some of these artists include: Kent Ambler, Will Armstrong, Amanda Bennett, and so many more which can be found in Artisphere’s list of visual artist. One of my personal favorites is Kent Ambler who does a lot of print work. You can find a video of him completing one of his miraculous works of art by clicking on his name above. Make sure not to miss out on this incredible talent and hey, maybe this is when you will finally get that massive self-portrait of you riding a horse into battle to go above your fire place that you have always wanted… or is that just me?


    As a musician, I always look forward to discovering new artists during Artisphere. I must applaud Greenville for doing an incredible job of bringing in amazing musicians that are great for the whole family to hear. The headliners for Artisphere this year are: Mandolin Orange, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, and Dynamo. These bands are immensely talented, and all bring their own unique sound to the table. Mandolin Orange has a beautiful folk sound that sounds similar to Gregory Alan Isakov; Mandolin Orange even has an incredible cover of Isakov’s song “Amsterdam”. Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds is a spectacular reminder of the music I grew up listening too. The lead singer’s powerful voice accompanied by the rest of the incredible band almost ensures that this band will be way too much fun to watch live. If you like upbeat jazz and classical music than you will love Dynamo. This band is genuinely unbelievable and will make you want to summon your inner Dancing with the Stars despite the very real risk of embarrassing yourself in public. Another band who is not a headliner, but is worth mentioning, is the spectacular band Polymath. Polymath brings an incredible energy to their live performances that seems to always get the crowd jumping. Polymath’s joyous and beautiful sound is something that people of all ages can enjoy. Be sure to check the Artisphere lineup to find out when you can catch these bands, and make sure to listen to some of the artist beforehand so you can be that one person screaming every word at the top of your lungs!


    Arguably the most important part of Artisphere is the mouth-watering food that is bound to ruin that Whole 30 plan you have just started. Seriously, do yourself a favor and save some money this week to try some of the incredible food. Believe it or not, it gets even better. Artisphere has a culinary arts stage (Insert picture of me crying tears of joy here). This means you get to try amazing food from restaurants like Barleys, The Trappe Door, Larkins on the River, or one of the many other restaurants stated on Artisphere’s list of culinary artist, and then listen to some of the life changing music described before.

    Artisphere is one of the best showcases of everything Greenville, SC has to offer, and I strongly recommend that you take the time to go. If you do go, make sure you stay safe! Artisphere brings people in from all over, and downtown can get very crowded. Parents going with their kids should make sure that their kids do not wander as it could be easy to get separated. If something like this does happen however, Greenville’s amazing Police Officers always do an amazing job of keeping the area safe and they are certainly happy to help with any concerns. Make sure to stay hydrated and have fun this weekend, because this year’s Artisphere looks to be the best yet!

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