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    Ridesharing has changed the landscape of transportation, and every day, millions of people use these apps to make traveling from place to place easier and more accessible. Uber and Lyft, the most widely known and used ridesharing apps, have begun to replace many forms of public transportation, including taxis. The convenience of arranging a ride from an app, and the whole process being wholly affordable, has given many people options that did not exist before. Despite all of these efficiencies and time-saving benefits, ridesharing comes down to one basic principle: it still involves car travel, and with that, there exists a chance of getting into an accident.

    If you were in an accident in an Uber or Lyft vehicle and it occurred at the fault of the rideshare driver, they may be liable for the resulting injuries and expenses that arise as a result. If you were traveling in an Uber or Lyft in Spartanburg, South Carolina and an accident occurred, you may be able to collect compensation for your subsequent injuries and other losses due to the accident. A Spartanburg Uber and Lyft rideshare accident lawyer may be able to provide information on your case to determine if you indeed have a potential claim, as well as the value of how much your case may be worth. To learn more about your options, contact Hammack Law Firm by calling (864) 326-3333 today.

    Uber and Lyft Car Accidents

    The circumstances of your accident will be the most important factors that determine liability. In regard to accidents that occur in rideshare vehicles, when determining liability, the specific circumstances of the accident will be especially important because this will determine how the accident, injuries, and damages are covered by insurance. Because both Uber and Lyft are app-based services, liability is often determined based on how the app was being used at the time of the accident. Uber and Lyft both provide insurance coverage to their drivers and passengers with specific guidelines. In the event of an accident, the ridesharing company will provide coverage based on the following:

    • Whether the Uber or Lyft driver had a passenger in the vehicle for transport at the time of the accident
    • Whether the rideshare driver was logged into the app and in transit to pick up a passenger
    • Whether the driver was logged into their Uber or Lyft app and searching for their next rideshare passenger

    If it is determined that the accident was caused by the Uber or Lyft driver, and if any of the above-mentioned specific conditions were applicable, their rideshare insurance coverage should cover the expenses and liabilities of the accident.

    While there are a variety of specific rules, if you were injured in an accident during a rideshare, it may be helpful to discuss your case with a legal professional. If you sustained injuries due to the accident, it may be possible to pursue compensation to help manage the costs associated with your medical expenses and other related damages, and a Spartanburg Uber and Lyft rideshare accident lawyer may be able to help you with this process.

    To learn more about the potential of your case, or to find out if you may be able to collect compensation for your damages and losses, contact the professionals at Hammack Law Firm at (864) 326-3333.

    Insurance Coverage Provided by Uber and Lyft

    In the state of South Carolina, rideshare drivers for Uber and Lyft are obligated to have personal auto insurance policies in addition to the insurance coverage both companies provide. Some drivers opt to have commercial insurance coverage also, as further protection.

    The insurance policies for Uber and Lyft offer similar types of coverage. Both companies provide their drivers and passengers with:

    • Third-party liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage
    • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

    As long as the rideshare driver is presently logged into the app and is either driving with a passenger in the car, actively searching for their next passenger, or on their way to pick up their next passenger, insurance from Uber or Lyft will provide coverage. Here are several points of coverage the plans for both companies offer:

    • If the driver is logged into the app at the time of the accident but does not have a passenger and is not on the way to retrieve a passenger, both Uber and Lyft provide $50,000 per individual and $100,000 per accident for bodily injury. Additionally, $25,000 for property damage coverage per accident is provided.
    • Both Uber and Lyft provide $1 million for third-party liability coverage for drivers who are on their way to pick up a passenger or who are currently transporting a passenger at the time of the accident. They also both provide uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, if the accident is caused by a driver without insurance coverage.
    • If the rideshare driver is not logged into their Uber or Lyft app when an accident occurs, the accident will be covered by their own insurance coverage.

    Potential Awards You May Be Able to Collect

    If you do pursue a claim, some of the awards you may be able to collect include:

    • Pain and suffering: if your injuries and the accident have caused emotional trauma that has impacted your life, you may be able to collect non-economic damages.
    • Medical costs and expenses: the prices you pay for medical care and ongoing medical treatment due to your injuries may be very high, and filing a claim for compensation may be helpful to ensure you are not left with astronomical bills you cannot afford. Awards for medical expenses may cover all of your medical treatment related to the accident, including any hospital stays, necessary surgeries, any medical equipment you may need, physical therapy, and/or prescription medication costs.
    • Loss of wages or loss of income: if the accident and injuries have caused you to miss work or have affected your ability to earn income at your previous capacity, you may be able to collect financial compensation to recoup your losses.

    Let a Spartanburg Accident Lawyer Help with Your Claim

    If you were involved in an accident during a rideshare, you may be able to collect compensation for your injuries and other losses as a result of the accident. A Spartanburg Uber and Lyft rideshare accident lawyer may be able to assist with your case by holding the responsible party accountable for their negligence. To learn more, contact the team at Hammack Law Firm today by calling (864) 326-3333. We will work hard to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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