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A Spartanburg motorcycle accident lawyer from Hammack Law Firm is here to help you if you suffered injuries in a crash. We strive to make a personal connection with every client, building a case and seeking compensation for them while holding the at-fault motorist responsible. We want to make South Carolina a safer place to drive and ride.

Our team provides complimentary case reviews for accident victims hurt in Spartanburg motorcycle accidents. We understand the unique factors that can alter the outcome of motorcycle accident cases. Our team knows you are likely facing some of the most trying and stressful times you will ever face, and we want to make the legal aspect of your case easier on you.

Hammack Law Firm Provides Customer – Centered Legal Representation

The client always comes first at Hammack Law Firm. We want to ensure you understand your rights and legal options before we take any action on your behalf. When a team member reviews your case, we will take the time to answer your questions and help you understand what you could gain by pursuing a case.

We understand the common causes of motorcycle crashes and work with accident reconstructionists and investigators to develop a strong case. We have helped motorcyclists like you through collisions that occurred due to:

  • Failure to yield
  • Improper lane changes
  • Drunk or impaired driving
  • Distracted driving

Motorcycle accident injuries are often devastating. Even when there is a positive prognosis, it may take months for you to return to work or regain the strength and skills you’ve lost.

It is important to have strong support while you undergo rehabilitation and therapy. At Hammack Law Firm, our clients are family, and we can pursue your claim for you.

Our Team Is Here to Help After Your Spartanburg Motorcycle Accident

Our Spartanburg motorcycle accident lawyers at Hammack Law Firm invest the time, attention, and financial resources that your case will require. Our clients appreciate that we treat them in the same way we treat our family and friends, and it shows in our Google reviews and testimonials.

You may not want to try to file an insurance claim and negotiate a settlement on your own. Doing so can be extremely stressful, difficult, and even detrimental to your health. Our team is here to help, as we can take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to obtaining records, gathering evidence, and calculating the fair settlement value of your claim.

Whether you are undergoing physical therapy after a broken leg or learning to live with a spinal cord injury, letting our team take on your insurance claim and legal case will allow you to focus more fully on what really matters – healing and making it through this trying time.

Let Us Seek Damages to Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

Hammack Law Firm seeks a financial payout for every client we represent. This is a vital part of holding liable parties responsible. You should not have to pay for your injuries and losses out of your pocket. Most of our clients want to avoid filing a lawsuit and going to trial, which is often possible. We may reach an out-of-court settlement, but we never shy away from trial when necessary.

Your possible compensation may cover many types of damages, including:

  • Medical expenses: Motorcycle accidents are associated with serious injuries. Your recoverable medical expenses may include ambulance transport, emergency care, one or more surgeries, hospitalization, doctors’ visits, medication costs, and rehabilitation costs.
  • Property damage: If your motorcycle suffered damage during your accident, you may receive coverage for repairs or replacement. You may also receive additional coverage for other property damaged during your accident.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain from injuries, traumatic memories, lost quality of life, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other traumas may entitle you to compensation.
  • Lost income: Any wages, benefits, and bonuses you lose while injured may entitle you to compensation. You may also get coverage for lost productivity, lost opportunities for promotions, and other professional damages.
  • Diminished earning power: If you cannot return to your pre-accident career or must reduce your hours, liable parties may cover the difference between your pre- and post-accident earning power.
  • Treatment of trauma: You may receive compensation for counseling, medications, and other treatments for your trauma.

We will leave no recoverable damage out of your case. We’ll account for your existing damages, as well as any future damages you are likely to suffer.

Under S.C. Ann § 15-51-10, some family members may recover additional damages in a wrongful death case if their loved one died due to their motorcycle accident injuries. We understand that financial recovery will not bring your loved one back, and it may seem like little consolation to hold the careless driver accountable in civil court. Still, wrongful death damages may allow you to ensure your family’s financial stability.

We Need to Act Quickly to Protect Your Right to File Suit

We generally have three years to file a civil action per S.C. Ann § 15-3-530. Because this is a relatively short time, and because of the many steps we need to take before beginning the legal process, we ask that you call us as soon as you can.

We Aim to Provide Real Value to You

Our law firm will provide you many valuable services. We’ll provide benefits that you may not be able to get without a lawyer, including:

  • Legal experience: Our experience in other motorcycle accident cases may provide tangible and intangible benefits. We may anticipate challenges and respond appropriately to any arguments against your case. You may not be able to put a dollar figure on legal experience, but it is undoubtedly valuable.
  • Deep knowledge of civil law: It may not be practical for you to research legal practices and statutes on your own. Our attorneys possess the training and knowledge that your case will require.
  • In-firm resources: We will use paralegals, experts, investigators, and any other helpful resources on your behalf. You will not have to pay for these resources – they’re included with our representation.

Every motorcycle accident victim has a right to represent themselves. However, self-representation may have many drawbacks. You may incur financial costs, expose yourself to extreme stress, and compromise your recovery if you handle your case alone. Never underestimate the time and effort that an insurance claim or lawsuit requires.

Rather than risking your health or finances, you can hire Hammack Law Firm. We require no upfront payment. If we secure a recovery for you, we will receive a fee from your judgment or settlement. If we don’t secure a positive outcome, you will owe us nothing.

Our Former Clients Explain the Hammack Law Firm Difference

Some of our former clients explain what you can expect from Hammack Law Firm:

  • “I have been very pleased with Hammack Law Firm. This firm has been helpful in all ways. If one ever needs an attorney, Hammack Law Firm is the best!” – Jackie Looper, former client
  • “My experience with this law firm was wonderful. I recommend anyone who is in need of a lawyer to contact this law firm!” – Briajah Rodgers, former client
  • “I have had nothing but great experiences with this firm. Mr. Hammack, Tracy, and Shelly are very great to work with. They are on top of your case. I have never had to deal with this type of situation, so they explained the whole process. Thank you guys!” – Kristi Mull, former client

Clients’ words speak volumes when evaluating a law firm.

Reach Out to Our Team Serving Spartanburg Today

If you were injured in a motorcycle collision caused by another driver, our compassionate team wants to help you hold the negligent parties accountable for their carelessness. Our team members will assess your accident case for free and explain your legal options for seeking compensation. A Spartanburg motorcycle accident lawyer from Hammack Law Firm may be your greatest advocate.

Hammack Law Firm is standing by to speak with you now about your collision and injuries. Call (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for your FREE consultation.

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