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Whiplash is one of many injuries you can sustain in a car accident in Spartanburg. If you or a loved one have a whiplash injury, the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) cites recovery times of up to three months. Some patients will require even longer recovery times. That means a whiplash injury from a car accident can leave you with extensive medical bills and cause you to miss long periods of time away from work.

The cost of these treatments can add up quickly, When you are injured in a car accident, you should be paid by the driver who caused the accident. A Spartanburg whiplash lawyer can help you.

  • Assign financial liability to the at-fault driver and his insurance provider
  • Accurately assess the monetary value of your compensation claim
  • Negotiate a financial settlement that lets you get the financial recovery you deserve
  • Help you negotiate for a settlement with the intent to avoid a lengthy court case

When you are ready to seek financial compensation from the driver who caused your car accident, our team is ready to help. We can guide you through the process of filing a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit.

Contact one of the personal injury team members at Hammack Law Firm by calling (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 to start building a case for the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Share Your Crash Report with Your Lawyer

You should always file an official crash report after a car accident. In fact, if you suffered a whiplash injury in your accident, SC Code § 56-5-1260 requires you to file a crash report. As soon as it is available, obtain one copy of the crash report for your personal records and one for your lawyer.

In addition to information which identifies the driver, his vehicle, and his insurance company, your crash report will contain:

  • Date, time, and location of the accident
  • A narrative from the investigating officer
  • Descriptions of the damage to your car
  • Diagrams that indicate points of impact
  • Contact information for any witnesses

In addition to your crash report, a member of our team may also ask for copies of your medical records and bills, photos of your injuries and of your vehicle, and copies of your employment and salary records.

Obtain these items (or let us know if you need help obtaining them) as soon as possible. We will use these documents and evidence to prove the cause and cost of the collision.

Do Not Overlook Collecting These Financial Expenses and Losses

The driver who caused the car accident that led to your whiplash is responsible for your medical care and for replacing your income—if your injuries prevent you from immediately returning to work. According to SC Code § 15-32-210, the economic damages you can recover from the at-fault driver include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Current and future rehabilitation services
  • Current and future loss of income
  • Funeral and burial costs, if needed
  • Necessary, in-home domestic support
  • Repairing or replacing damaged property

In addition to these fixed costs, you are also entitled to financial compensation for many non-economic expenses. These expenses can be more difficult to calculate on your own because they include intangible expenses that do not come with bills or receipts.

The non-economic damages you can recover include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Mental and emotional distress

You do not have to calculate these expenses on your own. A Spartanburg whiplash lawyer can help you assign a favorable value to these expenses. When you are ready to calculate the cost of your injuries and related expenses, contact the personal injury team at Hammack Law Firm by calling (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 today.

File Your Compensation Claim Immediately

Like most people, you probably know what a statute of limitations is—it defines how much time each state allows for the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. Because you were injured in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the statute of limitations relative to your case will generally allow you to file your lawsuit within three years of the date of the accident under SC Code §15-3-530.

As long as your lawsuit is filed on time, the full financial impact of a car accident belongs to the driver who caused the collision. If more than three years pass between the date of the accident and the date you attempt to file your lawsuit, you will not be able to file it at all. If that happens, you will no longer have the ability to legally compel compensation from the at-fault driver.

Do not inadvertently forfeit your right to financial compensation simply by running out of time. While you concentrate on your physical recovery or on helping an injured loved one through their recovery, we concentrate on building a successful compensation claim.

When a member of our personal injury team represents you, we will work on your case with the intention of making sure that your lawsuit is timely and your right to compensation is not at risk of being dismissed.

Get Help from a Spartanburg Whiplash Lawyer

Did a driver in Spartanburg cause a car accident that left you or someone you love with whiplash? If so, you have the foundation of a personal injury lawsuit for financial recovery of your medical bills and other accident-related expenses. Get help pursuing the financial compensation you are entitled to from a warm, supportive legal team that treats every client like friends and family. Contact the personal injury team at Hammack Law Firm by calling (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333.

Our Client Bill of Rights offers a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee —no costs and no fees. We serve our Greenville clients in all areas of personal injury, including auto and motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and boating accidents.

To get started with our Greenville personal injury law firm, please simply contact us online or call (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for a free consultation.

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