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If your family experienced the loss of a loved one in an accident, you or another qualifying family member may be able to pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Our legal team at Hammack Law Firm can help you prove the cause of your family’s loss and negotiate a financial settlement with the at-fault party.

The loss of a loved one can be difficult to deal with, and the legal ramifications of a lawsuit could potentially add to your family’s distress. A Seneca wrongful death lawyer from our firm can help you seek financial compensation while your family comes to terms with their loss.

Putting Our Team to Work for You Can Greatly Benefit Your Case

While South Carolina law does allow you to seek compensation on your own, putting our team to work for you has its benefits. Should you become our client, we will do the following to help you and your family get through your legal journey:

  • Give your case the time and attention it deserves
  • Hold the negligent party responsible for their actions
  • Fight for financial compensation for your family
  • Offer a small firm feel while providing you a big firm experience
  • Listen to your family’s story with compassion

You are not alone in your pursuit of financial compensation. In fact, while your family focuses on your loved one’s final arrangements, copes with their loss, and adjusts to new dynamics, we will focus on building your wrongful death case and helping you fight for the justice you deserve.

We Can Assess the Value of Your Potential Compensation Package

On your own, it can be hard to determine the value of your lawsuit and the loss of the contributions your loved one made to your family. These losses can include having to hire domestic help to keep your household running smoothly and needing to make changes and adjustments to everyone else’s schedule. With our guidance and direction, we can calculate your recoverable damages, which may include:

  • Repair or replacement of damaged property
  • Medical expenses incurred by your loved one
  • Your loved one’s physical pain and suffering
  • You and your family’s emotional pain and suffering
  • The loss of your loved one’s monetary contributions
  • The loss of your loved one’s domestic contributions
  • Funeral and burial expenses

Our Seneca wrongful death lawyers can help establish the validity of your lawsuit and document its value. Our team can also help ensure timely filing.

Make South Carolina’s Timeline Work for You

In Seneca, the timing of a wrongful death lawsuit is defined in S.C. Ann 15-3-530. Legally referred to as the statute of limitations, it generally gives you three years from the date of your loved one’s death to file your lawsuit. If the statute of limitations expires, you might be prohibited from seeking compensation at all.

Certain circumstances of your loved one’s demise might alter the timeline, such as filing against a government entity. Our legal team can inform you about your case’s filing deadline and help you file on time. We will keep track of it during other stages of the process, such as during the collection or negotiation stage, so that we do not miss the deadline.

How Our Previous Clients Describe Our Supportive Team

When we say that our team members treat you like family, we mean it. Our Google reviews and client testimonials attest to our client-focused support and responsive approach to successfully resolving your lawsuit.

Previous clients say:

  • “Hammack Law Firm is [a] great choice. I would recommend them to anyone.”
  • “They have bilingual staff and [are] 100% dedicated to your case!!!”
  • “They worked on our case and went way beyond our expectations.”
  • “Hammack Law Firm was there from the time that I selected them for legal guidance until the end.”
  • “Everyone here is extremely helpful and answered my questions as they came up.”

We can provide thoughtful, responsive legal support when your family needs it most. When we represent you, our goal is to build a personal relationship you and your family can rely on and help make South Carolina a safer place for everyone. Whether you need support through the negotiation process or representation in court, our team is here for you.

The Attorneys on Our Wrongful Death Team are Ready to Fight for You

Our team makes sure your family gets the support and guidance you need throughout your case. In fact, if you do not win your case, we will not charge you any attorney’s fees. When you are ready to fight for your family’s recovery, contact the supportive team at Hammack Law Firm by calling (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 today.

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