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Recreational boating is a popular activity throughout South Carolina, but it needs to occur under safe conditions. When you take all the precautions to stay safe, but another boat operator recklessly causes an injury accident for you, you can turn to a Seneca boating accident lawyer with Hammack Law Firm to help with your claim or lawsuit.

Boaters in the state and Seneca area need to follow state laws for the legal and safe operation of the boat. When a negligent boat operator errs, causing your injuries, you can seek damages for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. You can learn more during a free consultation with our legal team today.

How Much Can You Win in a Judgment After Your Boating Accident?

Our team cannot guarantee that our clients will win a certain amount in any personal injury lawsuit. Any award a victim can win after someone else’s recklessness causes an injury in a boating accident will depend on the accident’s circumstances and the severity of the person’s injuries.

A victim who must miss several weeks or months of work and experiences a reduced quality of life due to their injuries could win a large settlement. You can view our personal injury case results here.

We Understand the Importance of Winning Your Seneca Boating Case

Regardless of the compensation we seek to win for you, we fully understand how important this award will be for you. When you are unable to work at the same time you are facing significant medical costs, you are relying on a settlement for your financial well-being. We will evaluate all damages in your case and assign a monetary value to it. This is the amount we will seek compensation for on your behalf.

Your South Carolina Boating Accident Case Must Be Filed By a Certain Time

We take our role on your behalf very seriously. We work tirelessly for our clients and will do everything in our power to win your case. It is important you reach out to us as soon as possible. State law puts all personal injury cases on a deadline the day that they happen. For injury cases involving boating accidents, you generally have three years to file legal action for damages, per S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530. If you miss this deadline, you won’t be able to pursue financial recovery from the person who caused your accident. We will ensure your case is filed with the court by or before the deadline.

Our Legal Team Will Work to Provide a Number of Benefits for You

We understand the challenges associated with trying to recover from a boating accident that left you or a loved one with serious injuries. This is why the team at Hammack Law Firm always aims to give our customers the respect and compassion that they deserve.

We treat all our clients just like we would treat our family and friends. We will go to bat for you, seeking to help you determine the best way forward. When you hire us as your boating accident attorney in Seneca, you can be sure we will focus on the key factors in your case and seek an appropriate settlement for you.

We Are on Your Side

When you suffer a boating accident injury, you might hear from the insurance company representing the other party. The insurer’s representative may claim that the insurance company will help you achieve a fair settlement and that you do not need a boating injury lawyer.

You certainly have the right to try to represent yourself in negotiations with the insurance company. However, you also should consider that the insurer deals with accidents like this regularly, and the insurance company does not work for you. Instead, it increases its profits by limiting the amount it pays in settlements.

Our boating accident attorneys will use our experience with representing victims of the negligence of others to your benefit.

We will represent your best interests as we seek financial recovery from the insurer that you are due. We also prepare your case for trial, whether we go to court or not. We work for you and are serious about recovering financial compensation for you.

We Will Take Over Negotiations and Manage All Aspects of Your Seneca Boating Accident Case

Once you hire us, we will begin negotiating with the insurance company for you. We want to give you more time to focus on your recovery. By taking over negotiations and other daily case-related tasks, we give you more time to spend with family and heal from your boating accident.

We Focus on Our Clients

Ultimately, our techniques and strategies in your case focus on you. We take the time to understand what you would like to see happen with your case. We also want to know the concerns you have for your life and your family’s lives during and after your recovery.

We believe our personal relationships with our clients set us apart from other personal injury law firms. One of our past clients, Tyler Lee, mentions the personalized care we provided for him as a significant benefit. We appreciate that our clients understand how diligently we work for them. You can be sure we will do the same for you. You can hear more from our past clients here.

We Fully Understand South Carolina’s Boating Laws

When you are visiting lakes in the Seneca, South Carolina, area, such as the popular Lake Keowee, you are looking to have an enjoyable day. You probably are not thinking about the possibility of another boater causing an injury accident for you.

However, it only takes a moment for another boat operator to make a mistake that leads to a significant accident. Perhaps that boater actually strikes your boat, causing your injuries. Perhaps the reckless boater violated safety regulations and caused a water skier you are towing to lose control, leading to serious or life-threatening injuries.

Common Violations Boaters May Commit

According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, some of the ways boaters violate the rules in the state for operating a motorboat include:

  • Operating the boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Ignoring the rule that gives the boat approaching from the right the right-of-way
  • Failing to observe “no wake zones” at lakes
  • Traveling at high speeds at night
  • Allowing underage people to operate the boat
  • Operating the boat without the proper training
  • Operating the boat recklessly in the presence of swimmers and boaters
  • Failing to watch closely enough for other boats, swimmers, and personal watercraft

When a boat operator makes any of these errors in your accident, it could be a sign of negligence. If so, this gives you the right to bring a boating injury lawsuit against the party that caused your accident. We will investigate to determine what happened and who’s responsible for your crash.

Call Hammack Law Firm Today for a Free Consultation

Through our team’s many decades of collective experience in defending the rights of victims of negligence in Seneca, we fully understand the importance of preparation. We will prepare your case, taking every detail into account. This helps us negotiate for appropriate settlement on your behalf.

For a free review of your case, contact the team at Hammack Law Firm at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 as soon as possible.

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