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If you were hurt in an 18-wheeler crash in South Carolina, our team at Hammack Law Firm is here for you. A Pickens accident lawyer can help you uncover evidence to show that the semi-truck driver caused your accident and use it to build a compelling case for compensation.

Let our firm review the circumstances of your collision and injuries. Our compassionate team members understand how to navigate state personal injury law and fight for our clients’ damages. We want to help you get the best possible outcome in your case. The first consultation is free.

Our Team Can Handle Your Pickens Semi-Truck Accident Case

When there is evidence to show that a truck driver caused your collision, a Pickens semi-truck accident lawyer from our law firm can represent you and navigate the claims process on your behalf.

We dedicate the time and attention your case deserves, knowing that you need financial recovery to pay for your treatment, rehabilitation, and continued care. Our team believes that it is possible to make South Carolina a safer place for all of us by:

  • Holding negligent truck drivers and their vicariously liable employers accountable
  • Seeking compensation for our client’s expenses and losses

We offer case assessments at no cost to accident victims and our attorneys represent clients based on contingency. You will not pay us unless we recover compensation in your case.

Past Client Testimonials Agree

We make it our mission to build a personal relationship with every client, providing customer-centered services and treating each one as we would our own friends and family. Our team is always available to provide case updates and answer your questions.

Our previous clients agree that our customer-centered approach makes it easier to keep working toward healing while we take care of your legal case—and we have reviews and testimonials to prove it. According to previous client Jerry Oates:

  • “The entire staff was helpful and kind to me. Although Paul had many cases, I’m sure, he always made me feel that mine was the most important with the attention he gave.”

Recoverable Damages for Truck Accident Injuries

Many semi-truck accident victims suffer devastating, long-term injuries and even permanent disabilities. This can leave them with a growing stack of bills and no income to make ends meet.

We understand the economic impact of semi-truck collisions. When we represent you, our team will seek compensation for your:

  • Economic damages: Medical care, support and care costs, lost wages, and other expenses and losses
  • Future damages: Future treatment, long-term care expenses, diminished earning capacity
  • Non-economic damages: Intangible damages as allowed under S.C. Ann. Code Ch.32, such as compensation for disability, mental pain and suffering, loss of consortium

If your family lost a loved one in a South Carolina truck crash, our team sends our condolences. We know nothing we can do will ease the pain. However, our firm can help you pursue wrongful death damages to address any financial burdens you face and the pain of your loss.

Liability for Your Pickens Truck Collision

Truck accidents and other commercial vehicle collisions are somewhat unique under South Carolina law, because the truck driver may not be the only party legally responsible for what happened to you. We may also be able to hold the driver’s employer financially accountable for your injuries.

This requires us to gather evidence to show who caused your accident and that the at-fault driver was:

  • An employee of the trucking company
  • On-the-clock and working for their employer at the time of the accident
  • Negligent and liable for the accident

Evidence in Semi-Truck Accident Cases Can Point to Many Types of Negligence

We know how to develop a strong case based on many types of truck accidents to seek compensation from the driver and their employer. Whether your injuries happened because of a drowsy driver, improperly secured cargo, or lack of vehicle maintenance on the semi-truck, our team can look for the necessary evidence to prove your right to damages.

Our team will analyze the evidence in your crash, including any documents the trucking company currently has in their possession, such as the driver’s logs, the truck’s computer data, and dashcam video of the crash.

At Hammack Law Firm, we take it upon ourselves to ensure every client’s case gets the attention it deserves to support the recovery of compensation. We handle each step of this process and offer updates about their case status as often as necessary.

Your Case Has a Filing Deadline

We understand that truck accident victims often need money for their injuries and expenses as soon as possible. That is why we encourage you to seek legal support as soon as you can following your collision so we can get started on your case. This will allow us to preserve evidence from the trucking company and ensure we can meet all deadlines in your case.

Per S.C. Ann. Code §15-3-530, accident victims only have three years to sue the truck driver and trucking company in most cases. Our team needs to ensure our clients meet this deadline, as well.

Our Team Is Here to Review Your Pickens 18-wheeler Accident

A Pickens semi-truck accident lawyer from our law firm is here to offer you support and legal representation if there is evidence to show you were the victim in your collision. You can call our team today to speak with us about your crash, injuries, and damages.

Our staff provides caring support while assessing your legal options and explaining your next steps if you choose to move forward with your case. You can reach us now by dialing (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for your free case review.

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