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If you were hurt after using a defective product, South Carolina law may allow us to build a case and recover compensation for you. Our team knows how to develop a strong claim based on the state’s product liability and personal injury statutes, seeking fair compensation for our clients in and around Pickens County.

A Pickens product liability lawyer from Hammack Law Firm will discuss your legal options for justice with you today for free. We offer complimentary consultations for those who suffered injuries or lost a loved one because of a dangerous product.

What Are the Recoverable Damages in a Product Liability Case?

As part of building a strong claim for our client, we gather all available evidence of the injuries, costs, and losses they experienced due to their injuries. This documentation of their damages then supports a fair payout from the insurance company or through a court-ordered award.

Some of the types of damages available in a defective product case include:

  • Pain and suffering and other non-economic damages
  • Medical bills and future care needs
  • Lost wages and other income
  • Reduced working capacity if you cannot return to your previous role
  • Property damages
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Understanding Wrongful Death Actions in South Carolina

If a family member died because of the injuries they sustained in a defective product incident, you could have a case for wrongful death damages. This type of case recovers compensation to help surviving family members cover their economic and non-economic losses.

For example, imagine your loved one died in a traffic accident after a defective tire lost its tread on SC 186. We may be able to hold the tire manufacturer accountable and recover damages such as:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Other related bills and expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Other associated losses
  • Emotional losses of surviving family members

Our Attorneys Fight to Secure Fair Financial Recovery for Every Client

At Hammack Law Firm, we believe our reviews speak for themselves. We treat every client like a friend or family member, building a personal relationship and taking a genuine interest in the outcome of their case. Each client receives a lot of one-on-one attention, and their case gets the resources and work necessary to develop a strong claim.

We believe our role is to get justice for accident victims, holding negligent parties responsible for their behavior and, in turn, making our state safer for everyone. We seek financial compensation in every case we handle by:

  • Investigating the incident and collecting evidence to support our claim
  • Determining what happened
  • Identifying the liable parties
  • Valuing the case based on our client’s damages
  • Filing an insurance claim with the liable party’s insurer
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement or suing

Most cases end with a negotiated settlement, but we prepare them all for trial anyway. This allows us to support the claim with the strongest evidence possible and take quick action to sue and force more from the insurance company if necessary.

We represent our clients based on contingency. This means we will bill you for attorney’s fees only if we secure compensation for you. You will never need to pay us anything upfront for representation.

How Does Liability Work in a Defective Product Case?

Generally, two types of liability could apply in a defective product case. They are:

  • Cases based on negligence
  • Cases based on strict liability

Under South Carolina law, we are able to apply strict liability to a defective product case, making it much easier to hold some companies responsible for their dangerous products. Businesses have an obligation to sell safe items and issue appropriate instructions and warnings about injuries that could occur. When a person suffers injuries despite using the product properly, the company may be responsible.

Strict liability means we do not have to prove what went wrong or where in the process the negligence occurred. We only need to show the product had a defect and determine the basis for the case, usually:

  • A defective design;
  • Defective manufacture; or
  • A breach of warranty

Once we determine if the designer, manufacturer, and/or retailer is liable, we will move forward with the case. A Pickens personal injury lawyer from Hammack Law Firm will handle this entire process for you.

It is essential to know that a product does not have to be recalled for it to be defective. You could have a case even if no one else has reported this type of injury from this product. If there is a history of previous reports, your case could become a part of a mass tort, where many victims work together to pursue justice. This could include a class-action lawsuit or multidistrict litigation.

Are There Deadlines for Filing My Product Liability Claim in Pickens?

There is no set deadline for filing an insurance claim against a company for a defective product injury. However, other timelines affect how quickly we need to act on your behalf. In general, you have three years from the date your injuries occurred to sue, per S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530. Missing this deadline could mean being barred from going to trial and losing the opportunity to use this leverage to your benefit.

In some claims, the circumstances of the case alter the timeline, as well. This is most frequently true when the liable party is a municipality or a government agency. When the victim is a baby or child, it could change the deadline, too. Our attorneys will help you better understand how quickly we need to work on your case during your initial consultation.

Our Team Will Explain Your Legal Rights and Options for Free Today

Hammack Law Firm’s Pickens product liability team provides complimentary case reviews for victims of defective items. We explain your rights and options based on the specific details of your case, including how our team can help.

Call (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 today to speak with an attorney who will go to work for you right away.

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