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All drivers want to get where they are going as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. However, some people may prioritize their destination goals over others’ safety, putting them at risk of an accident.

If you were injured by a driver engaging in aggressive behavior, call Hammack Law Firm at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 . A Pickens aggressive driving accident lawyer can help you hold that driver accountable for their actions and fight for the compensation you may be entitled to receive. Reckless drivers in Pickens need to be held accountable when their actions cause injuries to others.

Aggressive Driving Involves Unsafe Driving Behaviors

The National Conference of State Legislatures defines aggressive driving as “unsafe driving behaviors,” such as:

  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Tailgating, or following behind another vehicle too closely
  • Cutting another vehicle off without signaling

These behaviors are linked to more car accidents, which could have serious consequences. If you are lucky, only your car will get damaged. However, for too many accident victims, the consequences of aggressive driving include debilitating injuries, high medical costs, or even death.

Car crashes can be traumatic, but you do not have to deal with the aftermath by yourself. Let a Pickens aggressive driving accident lawyer represent you and fight for the monetary compensation you may be entitled to collect. Call Hammack Law Firm at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for a free case review. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay any attorney’s fees upfront, and you only have to pay our fee if you are awarded compensation.

You May Be Able to Receive Different Types of Compensatory Damages

Who pays for your injuries after an accident? That depends on what your own insurance covers, how much insurance the at-fault driver has, and how much monetary compensation your injuries entitle you to receive.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

In South Carolina, uninsured motorist (UM) coverage is required by law. So, if you are insured, you already have UM coverage, and you will be compensated for at least some of your expenses if you are hit by an uninsured or unknown driver.

Underinsured motorist coverage is a different story. You have to purchase this policy separately. If you do not, the amount of damages you may be able to collect is limited to whatever insurance the underinsured motorist has. This may or may not be enough to cover the cost of your injuries.

Compensatory Damages

After a car accident, you may file a lawsuit and ask for compensatory damages. This is the legal term for money paid to an injured accident victim. In personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, you may be able to sue for both economic (i.e., financial) damages and non-economic damages (i.e., physical or emotional) damages. Below are some examples of each.

Economic damages include:

  • Medical expenses, such as costs for doctor’s visits, medical tests, physical therapy, home nursing, and assistive devices
  • Funeral expenses, such as costs for funeral services, burials, and cremation
  • Loss of wages and benefits, including whatever you would have earned from your job if you had not been injured and forced to take time off
  • Loss of earning capacity, including the wages you would have expected to earn in the future before your injury hampered your career

Noneconomic damages include:

  • Pain and suffering, such as any mental or physical symptoms your injuries caused you
  • Disfigurement, such as permanent and painful scarring
  • Disability, such as any lost or partially lost senses, organs, or extremities
  • Diminished quality of life, such as lost independence or the inability to engage in activities you used to enjoy doing

We Can Help You Get the Compensation You Need

SC Code § 15-3-530 generally gives you three years to file a lawsuit after an accident. This time limit, called the statute of limitations, may seem like a long window period. However, it is not a good idea to leave legal matters to the last moment. If you think there is the slightest possibility that you might want to file a lawsuit, consult a lawyer sooner rather than later. They can explain your options and help you make an informed decision about your case.

Hammack Law Firm wants to make South Carolina safer for everyone by holding lawbreakers accountable for their actions. What does that mean for you? It means we will do everything in our power to fight for you to receive compensation, including:

  • Conducting an investigation: We will visit the crime scene and gather as much documentary evidence (e.g., medical records, witness statements, and police reports) as we can to prove your case is valid.
  • Calculating damages: It is not always easy to figure out how much each of your damages is worth. Your lawyer can help you quantify your damages.
  • Submitting paperwork: Filing paperwork is necessary for any lawsuit. Your lawyer will make sure all forms are filed on time and with no mistakes.
  • Negotiating on your behalf: We can negotiate with the liable party’s insurance company on your behalf and handle all communications with them if needed.
  • Going to court: If negotiations hit a wall, we may schedule a trial. In court, your lawyer will continue to fight for your rights by arguing before a jury, submitting evidence, and bringing in witnesses to testify on your behalf.

In addition to these services, we make it a policy to keep you updated throughout the legal process. You will always know what is happening in your case and will be included in all important decisions. If you ever have a question or need advice about what to do next, we are just a phone call away. Someone is available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the work that goes into filing a lawsuit, just remember that you do not have to be alone in this fight. A Pickens aggressive driving accident lawyer can represent you at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. Contact your Pickens reckless driving attorney at Hammack Law Firm at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for a free case evaluation, and find out why our clients leave us great Google reviews.

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