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    What Are Insurance Disputes?

    When accidents or situations strike, individuals and businesses turn to their insurance companies for support. Afterall, you are paying monthly premiums for policies that are meant to alleviate financial burdens when you really need it.

    In some cases, an insurance company may deny approval for a insurance claim with appropriate cause. On a different note, there are instances where an insurance company will not provide a valid reason for the denial of your claim. Other times, policy holders can feel that the reason that is provided for denial of their claim is completely unfounded.

    Injustices are not uncommon in the realm of insurance and claim dispersal.In fact, some insurance companies purposely revoke or reduce payout to policy holders for the sake of their own profit. Insurance companies can act in bad faith, leaving you in an insurance dispute when you may already be facing financial difficulties.

    If you feel that your insurance company is acting in ‘bad faith’ by rejecting or undermining your policy claim, you should seek an experienced Greenville insurance disputes attorney of Hammack Law Firm.

    Insurance disputes and resolutions for insurance claim denials are determined by various factors. These factors include the state where you file, the type of insurance claim you initially filed under, the disclaimers of your specific insurance policy, and other concerns.

    Policy holders are entitled to their insurance investments, and when insurance companies wrongfully deny or lower the value of claims, individuals must take action for justice.

    Seek remedy for your insurance dispute by calling the experienced and trustworthy attorneys of Hammack Law Firm at (864) 326-3333 now.

    Types of Insurance Disputes

    When an insurance company does deny a claim, they must provide a reason for denial based on a viable reason. If your claim is revoked or devalued, and you think it may have been a mistake, you can opt to appeal and have the insurance company take another look.

    If this still does not remedy the situation, and you believe that the reason for denial is injust, then the best way to resolve the dispute is by taking legal action. A skillful attorney that has the appropriate knowledge of how insurance claims work, can determine the validity of your claim and inform you on what unethical actions insurance companies sometimes take.

    Common reasons for an insurance company to deny your claim or for a dispute to arise include the following:

    • Communication deficiencies: An initial misunderstanding of what is and is not covered in a policy, and what is excluded can occur if the insurance company does not communicate properly.
      When terms go unexpressed, a dispute can later arise that stems from these discrepancies. Issues may also arise if the policy coverage changes and policy holders are unaware of the changes made.
    • Coverage limits and exclusions: A claim may be denied if you file for certain incidents, injuries, and situations which that are not expressed and covered by your insurance policy.
    • Filing errors: If policyholders make an error when filing a claim such as incomplete or inaccurate information, then a company may deny the claim.
    • Increase in premiums: A dispute may arise between the policyholder and insurance company if premiums rise after you were told they were fixed.
    • Lapse in coverage: If you fail to pay a premium on a due date, your coverage may lapse, even if the insurance company had failed to inform you of the payment due.
    • Pricing: A dispute over pricing occurs when the insurance company disagrees with the amount of damages they owe a policyholder based on what they perceive the value of damages to be.
      Forged signature or other misconduct: An insurance dispute may arise if your agent forged signatures on forms ex.) life insurance applications without your approval. If an insurance company signs papers on your behalf, you should take action against this crime.

    If your insurance claim was denied for some reason that is unjust or unclear, you should consult a helpful Greenville attorney at (864) 326-3333 for a plan to resolve your insurance dispute.

    The Unfair Claims Denial Act prevents unfair denial of insurance policies by holding insurance companies accountable for wrongful practices. Do know that it is a criminal act for insurance company to mislead policy holders, void legitimate claims, or commit fraud by reducing or revoking appropriate disbursement of funds after you’ve filed.

    Listed are the number of ways an insurance cannot approach an insurance claim under the Unfair Claims Denial Act:

    1. The insurance company cannot misrepresent the facts or provisions surrounding your policy when you file a claim.
    2. When you file under your own policy, an insurance company cannot influence settlements in other portions of your insurance policy, other than the one you file for.
    3. The company must acknowledge and respond when you file an insurance claim.
      They cannot unreasonably delay investigating your claim.
    4. Insurance companies cannot delay the investigation of your claim or require you to fill out extra unnecessary forms to deter your claim.
    5. Cannot discourage individuals with small claims to file by forcing them to sue when there is no need.
      The company cannot make a habit of appeals in order to pay policyholders less than they deserve.
    6. No insurance company may deny a claim without adequate and justifiable reason.

    These rules hold insurance companies accountable for administering proper and fair treatment of your insurance claim. Your policy should be honored and acknowledged, with action taken to get you the money you deserve.

    In South Carolina, you can file a bad faith insurance claim if your insurance company fails to honor the policy and has no reasonable circumstance to deny your claim. Contact an attorney that is knowledgeable in insurance claims and disputes if a situation

    Common Types of Insurance Policies

    The average person will purchase several insurance policies for the different kinds of coverage they need. Different types of insurance disputes can occur with the myriad of insurance claims that can be filed for.

    You are not expected to know every detail of every aspect of your policy. However, being unfamiliar with your insurance policy can make it easy for ‘bad faith’ insurance companies to undermine your compensation.

    With a Hammack Law Firm attorney at your side, you will claim will never be diminished or neglected by your insurance company.

    Our attorneys have exceptional knowledge of state and federal laws in place to protect against unfair insurance practice in accordance to the following common types of insurance:

    • Automobile Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Homeowners Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Professional Liability Insurance

    These different insurance types all have different procedures for filing because of their own unique terms. We know it’s a lot of information to keep track of, but by consulting our lawyer, you do not have to stress over the details.

    Call (864) 326-3333 now to save time and money when there is a possibility of facing an insurance dispute.

    What To Keep In Mind When Filing Your Claim

    Usually, policyholders and insurance companies do not want to wait to settle, however, you should not accept any lowball claims or for anything less than you deserve just for the sake of it. Policyholders should also never accept insurance denial without questioning the reason.

    If insurance companies are not honoring claims and dispersing appropriate funds to individuals, they can be doing so to profit. By inquiring about the denial of your claim, you can act against the unethical practice of insurance companies benefiting off claims denial.

    Filing different types of insurance claims calls for different procedures. Given that an error or misstep in filing can result in a reasonable cause for denying your insurance claim, policyholders should always take precaution when filing.

    When filing, keep a record of the date and representatives that assisted you in case and insurance dispute does arise.

    Consult your attorney prior to taking action towards a claim. The support of an attorney can help prevent insurance companies for wrongfully denying your claim or other insurance disputes that can occur.

    How Hammack Law Firm Can Serve You

    Trying to persuade your insurance company to pay you fairly may be a waste of time. When you seek a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to assist your insurance dispute, we can help to file assist in dealing with the state and federal legal analysis of an appeal for a wrongful claim denial. We will fight back against any tactics used by negligent insurance companies and get you the insurance settlement you deserve.

    The Greenville attorneys of Hammack Law Firm have the necessary skills to take on even the largest of insurance companies and can defend your rights as a policy holder. You pay monthly premiums for insurance to get the money you need when an accident strikes.

    It is unfair for insurance companies to avoid payout by lowering the value of claims or denying claims altogether. Let our experienced lawyer utilize his knowledge of state and federal laws against bad faith insurance practice. These cases are not uncommon, and we must hold negligent companies accountable by defending victims of insurance disputes.

    For an attorney you can trust and rely on, dial (864) 326-3333 now to for proper defense in insurance disputes so that you may secure deserved insurance funds.

    For an attorney you can trust and rely on, dial (864) 326-3333 now for the help you need in an insurance dispute.

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