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Dog bites can cause serious damage and even infection. For this reason, South Carolina law allows dog bite victims to hold owners accountable for their injuries and damages. You could recover compensation for medical bills and other injury-related losses.

When you reach out to Hammack Law Firm for help, we’ll assign a Greenville dog bite lawyer to handle your case. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate legal support to clients throughout South Carolina, starting with a complimentary case review. We take calls 24/7, so there is no need to wait to get started.

Dog Bite Attorneys with Extensive Experience in Your Court

Our Greenville, South Carolina dog bite lawyers and staff at Hammack Law Firm are committed to our clients. With more than 19 years of litigation and trial experience, Paul Hammack has received an AV rating from the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell. In addition, Paul has spent the last 17 years working for insurance companies, so he knows the industry playbook, and he can put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

While every case is different, Hammack Law Firm has helped numerous people who have been injured in dog bites or attacks. If you need for an experienced dog bite attorney in Greenville who will give you the personal service, compassion, and care that you deserve, call us today. Don’t let the dog bite without a fight.

Services We Offer to Dog Bite Victims in Greenville

Our full-service law firm can guide your case from start to finish, so you never have to tackle the legal system alone. Some of the tasks you can expect our lawyers to handle include:

  • Investigating the incident to determine whose dog bit you and compile evidence
  • Using South Carolina dog bite statutes and local leash laws to establish liability
  • Building a case that outlines all of your recoverable damages and their value
  • Completing and submitting paperwork to move your case forward
  • Negotiating for an appropriate settlement on your behalf
  • Offering guidance on various aspects of the case, so you can make sound legal decisions
  • Identifying the statute of limitations to keep your case on track for timely filing
  • Advocating for you in and out of the courtroom

There are many steps when seeking compensation for personal injury damages, but our team will prepare you and your case for success. We also operate on a contingency fee, so our attorney’s fee comes out of the compensation we secure for you—never your own pocket.

Recent Personal Injury Victories

Our firm handles numerous types of personal injury cases. You’ll find some of our most recent case results below.

  • $1,600,000

Settlement involving a husband and wife who suffered debilitating injuries after being hit head on by a tractor-trailer.

  • $525,000

Wrongful death settlement involving an elderly pedestrian who was run over and killed by a pickup truck in a restaurant parking lot.

  • $125,000

Settlement arising out of a low-impact parking lot collision that caused neck injuries resulting in surgery.

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Your success is our success Get Your Free Dog Bite Review

Previous Clients Praise Our Professionalism and Responsiveness

  • “Lynn was great with my case!! She was very diligent and responsive!!! Recommend highly!!” – Ken Taylor
  • “I was very pleased with the quality of work and the outcome of my case. I felt they were genuinely wanting to do what was in my best interest.” – Tara Richter
  • “Amazing service! Very professional and kind to me. I will certainly recommend them.” – Morgan Mcconnell

Damages Our Greenville, SC Dog Bite Lawyer Can Seek in Your Case

All dog owners are responsible for the physical contact of their dog with third parties that may cause injury. A dog doesn’t have to be a vicious breed or violently attack someone for its owner to be liable for its actions. This includes individuals that are dog-sitting. Any person responsible for the care of the dog at the time when it causes injury to a third party can be held accountable.

If someone else’s dog attacked you, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills and other expenses related to the attack. Recoverable damages often include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Prescriptions
  • Surgery
  • Missed income during the recovery period
  • Lasting damage from the injury, such as scarring or disability
  • Pain and suffering

For an empathetic and diligent legal team, seek the Greenville dog attack attorney of Hammack Law Firm. You can put your trust in our team and seek the compensation you deserve to recover from this horrific incident.

Common Types of Dog Attack Injuries

A victim of an unprovoked attack should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The following are all common injuries suffered by victims of dog attacks:

  • Puncture wounds – Dogs have sharp teeth and can use their strength to clamp down on victims. Limbs are common areas that suffer puncture wounds. These can lead to severe bleeding and in cases where the puncture is deep or results in loss of skin, scarring.
  • Broken bones – When a dog attacks, it may launch at victims, and the force can cause them to fall over. A hard fall can result in broken ribs or that of a limb used to brace the fall. If a dog clasps onto a limb with enough pressure, this may also shatter, fracture, or break bones.
  • Infection of a bite – Due to bacteria in the dog’s mouth, a bite can lead to infection if the wound is not properly treated and disinfected. This is why it is essential to get necessary medical care after a dog attack. Some dogs may even be sick with rabies or other diseases, so always make sure to get the wound cleaned properly.
  • Cuts, scrapes, and scratches – Even playing with a dog can result in minor cuts and scratches. In the event of an attack, a dog can claw at the victim, causing these injuries to the entire body. These must also be cleaned and treated to avoid scarring or infection.
  • Facial disfiguration – The face of a human is often the first target of a violent dog. When a dog bites or scratches a person’s face, the damage can be so severe that the victim may need plastic surgery to recover.
  • Emotional trauma – An animal attack can lead to lifelong trauma and fear of interaction with dogs. Victims of violent dogs and owner negligence should pursue legal action to be compensated for their pain and suffering.

Dog Bite Laws in South Carolina

Every state sets its own laws regarding an owner’s responsibility and liability for their dog. Cities may also enact municipal leash laws—for example, the City of Greenville enforces a leash law for dogs when away from the owner’s premises. We’ve outlined some other laws that could affect your Greenville dog bite case below.

Statutory Liability

Unlike other states, South Carolina does not follow a “one bite” rule. Instead, the modern dog bite statute of South Carolina states that a dog owner is strictly liable for damages suffered by a person who is “bitten or otherwise attacked,” whether on public or private property.

Under S.C. Ann. § 47-3-110, this law means a dog bite victim only needs to prove the animal caused their injuries in a personal injury case. They do not have to prove previous instances of violence or fault. However, the dog owner is not liable if the individual provoked the animal.

Landlord Liability

Landlords are liable for dog attacks that occur in common areas of multi-family premises for which they are responsible. This applies if the landlord had some previous knowledge of the animal’s violent nature toward humans and was negligent in failing to remove the dog from the premises.

However, the landlord is not liable for injuries to a person if the dog attack occurred on the tenant’s property, where the violent dog was kept.

Reasons Dogs Attack and How They Warn Us

Although dogs are domestic animals and should not attack without reason, some causes of their aggression are not always obvious to humans. Besides being provoked, there are numerous factors that can lead a dog to act violently.

For example, five possible reasons a dog can attack:

  • Feeling Protective Over Possessions. Dogs may get violent if they feel their possessions are at risk. This is especially true for possession of their puppies, food, water, and even their owners.
  • Dog Is Injured or Sick. Sometimes dogs attack when they are in an uncomfortable condition, such as being injured or sick. If a dog does not look well, never approach it.
  • Fear. Unfamiliar surroundings and strangers can cause some dogs to be afraid. To stay on the safe side, if you are not familiar with a dog, do not try to pet it or interact with it.
  • Unexpected Touch. An animal can respond differently to different physical interactions with a human. Sometimes even a pat to the head can result in feelings of discomfort or agitation. Never act in aggression or abrasive nature towards animals.
  • Rough Play. Sometimes play can get out of hand. One minute, you are having fun, but the dog can get more aggressive as it progresses. Do not rough house with an unfamiliar dog and take caution even with dogs you know.

Take extra caution around unfamiliar dogs as you have no idea about their past. Some dogs may have been exposed to abuse, neglect, or other mistreatment. No dog acts violently without cause. Attacks can occur unexpectedly, so try your best to avoid unfamiliar, stray, or seemingly provoked dogs to prevent attacks.

Warning Signs and Taking Precaution

Dogs can change their behavior when they are about to attack. Some signals are obvious while others are too subtle for an unaware human to grasp. Knowing the signals and ways to prevent an interaction with a violent dog can keep you safe and reduce the chance of harm.

Dog Attack Warning Signs

Take caution and try to remove yourself from the situation when dogs begin to show these body signals:

  • Turns head away from human
  • Animal walks away from human
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Licking lips or yawning
  • Whites of their eyes become visible
  • Growling, snapping or barking
  • Showing teeth
  • Raised wagging tail
  • Tucked tail
  • Fur is raised
  • Rigid body

Steps to Prevent a Dog Attack

Owner intervention can seriously reduce the likelihood of attack. Under no circumstance should a violent dog make contact with the public. Owners can protect the public by taking these precautions:

  1. Keeping dogs leashed in public
  2. Not taking injured or sick dogs out
  3. Avoiding interactions with small children
  4. Warning others of a nervous dog
  5. Distracting your dog if it acts violently

Owners are not liable if an individual is attacked after provoking their dog. If a third-party comes in contact with an unfamiliar dog, they can take steps to prevent or defuse a possibly violent situation:

  1. Never approach or pet strange dogs
  2. Do not provoke an animal
  3. Know the warning signs
  4. Never try to outrun a dog
  5. Speak softly, especially to an agitated dog
  6. Distract a seemingly violent animal

Seek Professional Help After a Serious Dog Attack with a Dog Bite Attorney in Greenville

First and foremost, always get the necessary medical attention after a dog bite or attack injury. You will need proof of your injuries and the cost to treat them to recover damages.

If you wish to seek legal action against a violent dog with a negligent owner, South Carolina’s “strict liability” will not require proof of an owner’s failure to their duty of care. However, that does not mean proving a dog bite case will be easy or quick, and you have a limited time to act under the state’s personal injury filing deadline.

Our dog bite attorneys in Greenville can assist you in recovering damages to deal with your medical costs, pain, and suffering. When an animal attacks you, it can result in emotional trauma and evoke fear that can last a lifetime. Negligent dog owners should be held responsible for putting you in harm’s way.

Our Team Is Standing By to Offer a Free Consultation 24/7

Your well-being is our ultimate priority. Seek individualized attention to your personal injury case today. The compassionate and experienced Greenville, SC dog bite attorney of Hammack Law Firm is ready to serve you and assist in your recovery.

Contact our firm today at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 to get started.

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