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Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys Are on Your Side

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in a 2004 report that nearly 11 million people worldwide suffered from burn injuries that required medical attention. Its data continues to suggest that burns are becoming a global health problem, killing at least 180,000 people per year.

These types of injuries can occur anywhere, making them a danger to everyone. Workplace accidents, defective consumer products, and poor building maintenance are just a few hazards that can cause serious burns. What is important, however, is that we bring those that cause unnecessary burns to justice.

At Hammack Law Firm, we make it our priority to help those who have suffered burn injuries caused by the malicious or negligent actions of another party. You shouldn’t have to suffer because someone else failed to protect you.

Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries

According to a report drafted by the American Burn Organization, close to 486,000 victims were hospitalized for burns and other fire-related injuries over a four-year period. Burns contributed to the deaths of approximately 3,400 civilians in 2016.

While these injuries are a growing concern, they are often overlooked. Some common types of burns include:

  1. Thermal Burns – When an individual contacts extreme heat given off by hot liquid, steam, or a fire, this is a thermal burn. It is one of the most common burn injuries.
  2. Chemical Burns – When an individual encounters an unsafe chemical compound like acid, alkaline, or a chemical explosion, the individual can suffer a chemical burn.
  3. Light Burns – When individuals are overexposed to light sources like sunlight or UV lights, they may experience light burns.
  4. Radiation Burns – When an individual encounters nuclear radiation and fallout, they may sustain severe radiation burns.

To efficiently treat victims that sustained any of the above burns, medical professionals categorize the type of burn and its severity into certain degrees:

  1. First-Degree Burns – A first-degree burn occurs when the top layer of skin has been damaged. These burns usually cause minor inflammation and skin redness at the burn site. Damage is minimal and takes about one week to heal.
  2. Second-Degree Burns – A second-degree burn reaches past the top layer of skin and causes redness and blistering. Healing from this injury often takes several weeks, and the burn must be bandaged and tended to to prevent infection and other complications.
  3. Third-Degree Burns – A third-degree burn occurs when contact with some form of heat reaches deep into the layers of skin, possibly even reaching bones and organs. The burn site will be charred while the inside of the wound is white or black and dry. The severity of this type of burn can put the victim into hypothermia, shock, and can cause nerve damage. Third-degree burns can be fatal if treatment isn’t administered immediately.

Burn victims generally receive treatment based on the degree of their injuries. Treatment may involve the use of IV fluids, surgery, and many different forms of rehabilitation. Victims must also take preventative measures against infections. The outer layer of skin is your body’s primary defense against pathogens. If it is compromised because of a burn injury, serious infections can further weaken the protective barrier and your immune system.

Suffering from a burn injury is excruciating for victims, often sapping their desire to fight for the compensation they need. Our burn injury attorneys are ready to take on your claim so that you can rest and heal. Call us now to get started.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Some of the primary causes for burn injuries include:

  1. Defective Products – Defective consumer products powered by batteries or other sources of energy can be dangerous to use as they can spark, overheat, and cause fires.
  2. Car Accidents – Car accidents can cause a lot of physical trauma, including burns. A spark in the engine could ignite, causing passengers to suffer life-threatening burns.
  3. Fires in the Workplace – Burn injuries occur frequently in the workplace. In 2011, fires and explosions accounted for three percent of all workplace fatalities across the nation.
  4. Chemical Accidents – Chemical burns may seem more likely to occur in a laboratory, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A chemical burn can occur at home, where products like bleach or other types of household cleaning products can cause serious chemical burns.
  5. Electrocution – High levels of electricity can not only cause thermal burns but internal damage to organs as well. What makes an electrical current particularly deadly is that it can affect the respiratory, nervous, and cardiovascular systems.

Who Is Legally Responsible for Your Burns?

Liable parties vary from one burn case to the next. We generally use the standard of negligence to establish liability. Someone’s negligence may have caused your burns if:

  • The person owed you a duty of care: A duty of care requires someone to act reasonably, especially when they have the power to cause someone else harm.
  • The person breached their duty of care in some way: Unreasonable acts constitute a breach of duty of care. Leaving a hot pipe exposed in a public space, for example, may be a breach of duty of care.
  • The person’s breach of duty of care caused your burns: Or their breach of duty of care triggered circumstances that led to your burns.
  • You’ve suffered damages because of your burns: You’ve undoubtedly suffered damages because of your burns, and it’s our job to identify what those damages are.

The circumstances of each burn case tend to be drastically different. We will speak with you about how your burn happened. With all relevant facts in our possession, we’ll identify all liable parties in your case. Someone may also be liable if they intentionally burned you.

What Compensation Is Available to Burn Injury Victims?

Lead attorney Paul Hammack once represented insurance companies and now uses his intricate knowledge of their defenses to help injury victims. This advantage helps us earn our clients fair compensation to cover:

  • Medical Expenses – Treatment for burn injuries may be expensive. It may involve multiple surgeries, rehabilitation, and hospital visits. Medical costs alone can leave burn victims in significant debt. Our burn injury lawyers may secure compensation that covers past, present, and future medical expenses related to your burn injury.
  • Loss of Wages – A burn injury can leave you unable to work. You may recover lost wages for any work that you’ve missed.
  • Loss of Quality of Life – A burn injury can alter how you live the rest of your life. These injuries can inhibit your ability to enjoy life, relationships, and physical activities. Our attorneys may help you mitigate the damage a burn injury has caused to your quality of life with a fair financial recovery.

Burns can also cause mental and emotional pain and permanent disfigurement. If this occurs, our burn accident attorneys will seek damages for:

  • Emotional/Physical Pain – The consequences of a burn injury can last long after the accident, both physically and psychologically. Burn injury treatments to heal both the mind and body may be necessary for your wellbeing. This category of compensation helps you get the optimal treatment you need to fully heal your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Disfigurement – Catastrophic burn injuries can lead to scarring and disfigurement that can cause the victim to become depressed, embarrassed, or to experience other trauma. Our burn injury attorneys can fight for compensatory damages needed for any scars or disfigurement that you suffer.

If your burn injury happened while you were working and you’ve decided to seek damages through your workers’ compensation, you may run the risk of settling for less compensation than you deserve. At Hammack Law Firm, our goal is to get you a fair award to help you recover, which may be more than what you would receive under workers’ compensation.

Should I Hire an Attorney from Hammack Law Firm If I’ve Suffered Burn Injuries?

You may want to hire an attorney from Hammack Law Firm if:

  1. You’ve suffered burns that you believe may be the fault of another party
  2. Your loved one has suffered burns and they cannot retain legal help for themselves
  3. You’ve lost a loved one who suffered severe burns

You should contact an attorney even if you’re unsure if you have a case. Our team will process your case details and explain how we can help. We may be able to start your case sooner than you realize.

Hiring an attorney from our firm may provide several benefits, including:

  • Freedom to focus on your recovery: Your time and energy is best spent on your recovery – that’s how we see it, at least. If you’re overseeing the many responsibilities of a lawsuit or insurance claim, you may have less time to focus on rest, recovery, and rehabilitation.
  • The benefit of our legal experience: We’ve tried burn cases before. Even though your case will be unique from all others that we’ve handled, our experience could be a benefit.
  • Access to our firm’s resources: We keep attorneys and paralegals on staff. We also rely on experts, accident reconstruction professionals, investigators, and others who can help our clients’ cases. These resources come at no cost to you and may be great assets in your case.
  • A positive outcome to your case: We don’t ever guarantee results for our clients. However, we may secure the compensation that you deserve.

There is no upfront cost when you hire Hammack Law Firm. We review your case, and if you deserve justice for your burn injuries, then we accept your case. We don’t consider your financial circumstances, as we don’t receive a fee unless we win your case. Any fee we receive will come from the judgment or settlement we secure, not your own pocket.

Our Burn Injury Attorneys Are Waiting for Your Call.
Let Us Help You Bring Negligent or Malicious Parties to Justice.

Burn injuries are some of the most taxing injuries that anyone can sustain. We will seek a positive outcome for you.

Over the last 20 years, Hammack Law Firm has collected vast amounts of legal knowledge, developed professional relationships with medical and accident reconstruction specialists, and honed our legal strategies and tactics to help you get the fairest compensation for your injury.

Call Hammack Law Firm TODAY at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for your FREE consultation.

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