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A truck collision can leave you with serious injuries, a lot of stress and worry, and in dire financial straits. We do not believe you should have to navigate this challenging time on your own. Our team is here to pursue justice on your behalf against the semi-truck driver and trucking company responsible for your or your loved one’s injuries.

A Columbia semi-truck accident lawyer from Hammack Law Firm will help you better understand your Richland County crash and your right to seek compensation based on it. We provide free consultations to accident victims.

Liability in a Semi-Truck Accident Case

Commercial vehicle accident cases have several unique factors that alter the way we navigate the claims process. Not only are there additional rules the drivers must follow and higher standards to meet, but there is also the legal doctrine of respondeat superior that determines liability in these cases.

Under common and case law, including Adams v. S.C. Power Co. (1942), South Carolina recognizes that a truck driver’s employer is vicariously liable for the accident and the injuries suffered. Generally, this applies when the collision was because of the driver’s negligence, and they were working within the scope of their job at the time.

This means we demand justice and fair compensation not only from the trucker but also from the trucking company.

Compensation You Could Recover for Truck Accident Damages

Recoverable compensation in a personal injury claim can include both economic and non-economic damages. Examples of damages we could seek on your behalf after a semi-truck collision include:

  • Medical treatment and related expenses
  • Future care needs
  • Lost income and reduced earning ability
  • Property damages, repair, or replacement
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Pain and suffering

When necessary, we also seek recovery for our clients under South Carolina Code § 15-51-10, the Wrongful Death Act. This allows us to seek certain damages for surviving immediate family members if a driver or truck company’s negligence caused a fatal accident. These damages include:

  • Lost income
  • Medical bills
  • Funeral and cremation/burial costs
  • Loss of services
  • Intangible losses of surviving family members

Hammack Law Firm Fights for Justice on Behalf of Our Clients

At Hammack Law Firm, our team is an authority on trucking accidents and promotes traffic safety in our community. This includes supporting regulations that reduce the risk of collisions and bad behavior behind the wheel. We take a stand for the safety of all people living in and visiting South Carolina by holding negligent trucking companies accountable.

Our team approaches every case with compassion and empathy. You can count on us for:

  • A complimentary consultation and more information
  • Regular updates about your claim progress
  • Investigating the crash and collecting evidence to support your claim
  • Identifying all potentially liable parties
  • Filing and managing your claim based on the trucking company’s insurance
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement
  • Filing a lawsuit and representing you at trial, if needed

We prepare each case like it is going before a judge and jury, even though most settle for a fair payout before they reach this stage. Count on us to put in the work to develop a strong case that takes a stance against the bad judgment of a truck driver and their employer and demands more from the insurance company.

Results We’ve Produced for Our Previous Clients

Our previous clients appreciate our efforts and understand why we work so hard to force the trucking companies and their insurers to do more. One client expressed the following in a recent review:

“I felt they were genuinely wanting to do what was in my best interest. I especially appreciated how well my demand described my case and the hard work that went into it!” – Tara Richter

Our results also show the effort our team puts forth to reach a settlement. Most cases do settle, but we will also sue and take your case to trial if necessary. Some of our most recent truck collision cases include:

  • $1,600,000 for a couple who suffered lasting injuries in a head-on truck crash
  • $400,000 for a client with debilitating ankle and foot injuries from a semi-truck collision
  • $135,000 for a client with soft tissue injuries, including whiplash from a rear-end accident caused by a truck driver

Pursuing Justice in a Columbia, S.C., Truck Collision Claim

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS), the state saw its share of tractor-trailer crashes in 2019. The statistics provided by this agency show:

  • 3,929 total collisions involving commercial motor vehicles
  • 116 fatal injuries
  • 209 serious injuries
  • 2,596 other injuries

All too often in these cases, the professional driver acted carelessly or recklessly and changed the victims’ lives forever. If this happened to you, our team will help. We will file a claim or sue the at-fault driver and their employer after a:

  • Head-on collision
  • Rollover accident
  • Rear-end crash
  • Blindspot accident
  • Jackknife collision

We also build cases based on drunk, drowsy, or distracted drivers who crashed and hurt you or a family member. At Hammack Law Firm, we are ready to take steps on your behalf and are not afraid to take a case to trial if needed. We also represent our clients based on contingency, with no upfront fees.

Deadlines for Pursuing a Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuit in Columbia, S.C.

Each case has its own deadlines set by South Carolina’s statute of limitations on personal injury and wrongful death, S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530. While this law generally gives you up to three years to begin a lawsuit, exceptions could cut into this time.

In addition, we need to take many steps before we can determine if we need to sue to get justice for you and your family. As soon as you hire us, we will begin taking the necessary steps to fight for your financial recovery.

Connect with Our South Carolina Truck Accident Team Today for Free

You can speak with a team member from Hammack Law Firm at no cost to you today. We are here to help. We will provide a complimentary consultation, explain your rights, and lay out your legal options for justice and compensation.

Call (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 now to discuss your Columbia truck crash with our team.

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