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Being injured at work can cause physical and financial hardship that may be difficult to overcome on your own. A health care team will help you create a treatment plan to maximize your physical recovery. Similarly, our legal team could help you create a plan to obtain medical care and financial benefits from workers’ compensation to provide for your needs until your recovery is complete.

At Hammack Law Firm, we can help you understand your rights and your employer’s responsibilities to you after a work-related injury in Anderson. Then, a workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm can help you complete the correct forms and prove the physical and financial cost of your workplace injury. If necessary, we can help you challenge a benefit denial. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start pursuing your benefits.

Your Rights As an Injured Worker in Anderson

If you were hurt or became ill at work, you might be eligible for medical and financial benefits under the workers’ compensation system in South Carolina. Most employers in the state are legally required to provide coverage under this insurance to their employees. According to the South Carolina Bar, you may be entitled to the following through this government program:

  • Recovery of your injury-related medical expenses
  • Compensation for your lost employment income
  • Permanent disability benefits where warranted

Your employer also has certain rights. For example, they get to choose which doctors will provide your medical care. While you could consult your own specialists, you may have to pay for this expense yourself.

Our client support team can notify you of these rights to ensure you are compliant with every factor that might impact your application and potential benefits. We will also work to help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

How do You File a Workers’ Compensation Application in South Carolina?

Filing a workers’ compensation application is a multi-step process that might be challenging to manage on your own. According to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC), the process begins when you report your injury or illness to your employer.

You should report your injury to your employer immediately, though you are required to do so within 90 days of the occurrence. Your employer may then report your injury to the WCC, or you have two years to do so yourself.

If you are filing your own workers’ compensation claim, Hammack Law Firm can help you obtain and complete the required forms. While you recover from your injuries, we can also help you compile medical and employment records and other information that supports your potential right to medical and financial support.

We Can Help You Explore Your Potential Medical and Financial Benefits

The formula used to calculate your workers’ compensation benefits can be complex. Our team could help you determine the rate at which you may be compensated for your medical care and missed income and the date your compensation may start. If you relied on multiple jobs to support yourself prior to your injury, we might also be able to help you fight for compensation for your other streams of income.

You may remain eligible for benefits until your health care team declares you capable of returning to your previous work. Under certain circumstances, your health care team might only release you to do a lighter version of your job. Our team at Hammack Law Firm can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of accepting or declining this option.

How to Handle a Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

Our team can also assist you with an appeal if needed. Filing an appeal may be necessary if your claim was denied or you are not receiving the level of coverage you need. There are several reasons a wrongful claim denial may occur, including if:

  • Information was missing or incorrect on your application
  • Your employer claims your injury did not occur at work or developed due to your own wrongdoing
  • You missed one of the deadlines in your case

The fight for benefits due to a work injury might be long and arduous on your own. A workers’ compensation lawyer from our team can help you prepare. We can review the denial notice and application paperwork to identify the reason for the denial or the low coverage. Once we understand the circumstances, we can take steps to correct the situation on your behalf to get you the benefits you deserve.

Our Past Clients are Thrilled with Our Performance on Their Workers’ Compensation Cases

At Hammack Law Firm, our workers’ compensation team fights hard for injured clients. Our Google reviews and customer testimonials on our website assert our commitment to treating every client like friends and family. Past client Eddie Mills wrote, “I would highly recommend this law firm above all others based on their personal touch alone!”

When you put our team to work on your application for workers’ compensation benefits, you get:

  • The individual attention of a small firm with the experience of a big firm
  • A personal relationship that supports you in seeking workers’ compensation

Our client-centered approach brings a human touch to the application process. A workers’ compensation lawyer from Hammack Law Firm can help you learn more about seeking workers’ compensation benefits in Anderson.

Get Help Applying for Workers’ Compensation Benefits with
One of Our Attorneys

Injuries severe enough to prevent you from working may also prevent you from taking an active role in applying for workers’ compensation benefits or appealing a denied claim. When you hire Hammack Law Firm to support you through the application or appeals process, you can concentrate on getting better while we focus on pursuing your benefits.

To get compassionate help with your case, contact the client intake team at Hammack Law Firm by calling today. We provide free initial consultations to injured workers in Anderson.

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