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When riding a bicycle on South Carolina’s roads, you expect to be able to do so safely. Most of the time, you can. However, an Anderson bicycle accident lawyer from Hammack Law Firm knows it takes just one reckless driver’s mistake to place you, the cyclist, in danger.

When facing serious injuries after a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you have the right to seek damages. Our team will help you seek a financial settlement for your medical bills, lost time at work, pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and other recoverable damages. You can learn more during a free consultation today.

We Give Clients the Professional Representation They Deserve

We focus on providing our clients with the best possible legal representation. We do not back down when looking at a challenging case with complex circumstances.

Our bicycle accident lawyers serving Anderson treat our clients like we would treat our family. Many of our past clients share Google Reviews about how we have stood by them and helped them through their legal battles. We want to do the same for you. We understand the challenges associated with recovering from a personal injury case. We want you to receive the highest level of legal care so we can relieve some of your case-related stress.

Our Former Clients Endorse Hammack Law Firm

We view every positive client testimonial as validation. These positive reviews affirm that clients take note of our dedication to service:

  • “We made one phone call to the hospital and insurance company and knew we were in over our heads. After that I knew that Hammack Law Firm’s expertise was necessary to navigate these waters. They did a terrific job and exactly seven months after the incident, all was settled. We are extremely satisfied and thankful for their work.” – Haro, former client
  • “My experience with this law firm was one of the best that I could have imagined. Hammack [Law] Firm was there from the time that I selected them for legal guidance until the end. Paul and his staff believed in me when there were times when the pressure of the case was overwhelming for me. They never left my side. He fought very hard for me and my family.” – Sammie, former client
  • “I went to three other law firms first and they all told me my case was not worth pursuing. I had a serious incident and went through a lot, so I decided to try one more. They took my case and Paul got me a lot more than I expected! Everyone there is so helpful and friendly.” – Bob, former client

Let us add you to our roster of satisfied clients.

The Insurance Company does Not Have Your Best Interests in Mind

You may hear directly from the insurer after your accident. Insurance representatives may even try to convince you they will help you secure the settlement you deserve.

However, this rarely happens, especially in a case that involves a large settlement amount. Insurance companies can boost their financial bottom lines by offering victims smaller amounts than they deserve.

Our team of accident attorneys handles bicycle crash cases regularly. We hope this is the only time you must go through an injury case like this. We will use our experience representing clients in past cases to your advantage, helping you work toward the fairest possible settlement.

We Will Protect You from the Insurance Companies

We can handle every possible interaction with insurance companies, so they don’t violate your rights. We’ll respond appropriately to insurers’ bad-faith tactics, which may include:

  • Stalling your claim
  • Implying, or stating outright, that a low settlement is the only settlement they will offer
  • Using attorneys in an attempt to intimidate you
  • Misrepresenting your words or actions
  • Claiming that you are liable for your bicycle accident

Insurance companies have experience and resources on their side. Your attorney from our firm will use their experience and resources to fight for your settlement.

We Will Handle Every Other Step of Your Bicycle Accident Case

Lawsuits and insurance claims are rarely cut-and-dry. To get the outcome we seek, we will need to invest time, effort, and resources. We will complete each stage of your case, which generally includes:

  1. An investigation of your bicycle accident, including the collection of evidence and witness accounts
  2. Determination of liability
  3. Calculation of your damages
  4. Documentation of your losses
  5. Negotiations with insurance companies
  6. Pursuit of a lawsuit (as necessary)
  7. Completion of a trial (as necessary)

No two bicycle accident cases unfold in the same manner. Our team will be prepared for any developments in your case. Whether we secure a relatively easy settlement or must go to trial, we will fight at every step of your case.

Remember, if you choose not to hire an attorney, you will have to handle these steps on your own. If you fail to perform each step effectively, you may forfeit the compensation you deserve.

Our team will pay all case-related costs and use all of our resources for your case. You don’t have to make your case alone—let our team help you.

We Are Steadfast During
Settlement Negotiations

Most bicycle injury accident cases settle before going to court. This happens when our attorneys and the insurance company for the driver who hit you negotiate a settlement amount. You have the right to try to negotiate this settlement on your own. However, insurers may try to take advantage of you during the negotiation phase, especially if you don’t have experience negotiating in these kinds of cases.

Our team takes pride in our ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients. We will not allow the insurance company to introduce lies and half-truths into the conversation about your case. We will ardently defend your right to receive fair compensation.

Determining Fault Is Our Job

As part of bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who hit you, our personal injury team in Anderson will aim to prove that the driver who hit you was negligent. We cannot generally win the case without showing that the driver made a preventable error that led to your injuries.

We may prove fault by showing that the liable motorist:

  • Was speeding
  • Switched lanes recklessly
  • Failed to stop at a crosswalk
  • Failed to look for a cyclist before making a left or right turn
  • Was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Was looking at a smartphone or texting before the crash
  • Was eating food or paying attention to people in the back seat
  • Was engaging in any other negligent behavior behind the wheel

How Much Is a Bicycle Accident
Case Worth?

One of the most common questions we hear from our prospective clients involves how much money a claim could be worth. We will look at your economic (financial) and non-economic (non-financial) damages to determine how much compensation you should pursue.

Financial damages include losses such as your medical expenses, property damage, and the income you lose while recovering from your accident. Non-financial damages, which do not generally have a fixed dollar amount, include pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of life enjoyment, among other damages.

After looking at your damages, we will assign a value to your case and pursue that amount from the liable parties. We will also consider the severity of your injuries and your recovery time. You can be certain that our bicycle crash lawyers will always work hard for you, aiming to secure the fairest possible settlement.

Hammack Law Firm Has Won Big Cases for Our Clients

With our team at their side, dozens of our past clients won six- and seven-figure settlement amounts. While we make no guarantees about financial recoveries, you may be entitled to a significant settlement, too.

Staying Safe on a Bicycle While Riding in Anderson, S.C.

When riding a bicycle, you should generally take every safety precaution, riding your bike as defensively as possible. For example, by wearing reflective clothing and having reflectors on the bike, you will increase the chances of having a driver see you, according to the National Safety Council.

Bicyclists also need to follow laws in the Anderson, S.C. area and throughout the state regarding where bicycles can travel. S.C. Ann. § 56-5-3430, for example, specifies how bicyclists must ride when using the roadways they share with motor vehicles.

Drivers Need to Pay Attention and Watch for Bicycles

Drivers may not keep an eye out for cyclists as stringently as they should. They almost become blind to a small bicycle when they are normally watching for sedans and large trucks.

However, when a motorist strikes a bicyclist, the excuse of not seeing the cyclist will not absolve the driver of fault in the crash. Drivers have a responsibility to pay particular attention to you on your bicycle.

Our Anderson, S.C., Bicycle Injury Attorneys Will Help with Your Case

We understand the wide range of injuries a bicyclist can suffer when involved in an accident in Anderson. You should not have to pay for these expenses on your own. The negligent driver should pay, and we will work as hard as possible to make that happen. We are ready to start on your case. We are a contingency fee firm, which means we do not charge you any attorney’s fees unless we win your case.

Contact Hammack Law Firm as soon as possible at (864) 326-3333(864) 326-3333 for a free review of your case.

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