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$1.6 Million settlement for a family involved in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer
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• Paul has represented some of the largest trucking
companies in North America
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• Hammack Law Firm has resources to take on any size
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Why should you hire us? Simple. If you want to win you need an experienced truck accident attorney near Greenville SC.

Recent Truck Injury Case Victories


For a client injured by a truck driver who was tail gating and lost control of his tractor-trailer, causing the need for a total hip replacement


For a passenger in a vehicle who sustained severe injuries to her legs, including an acute ankle dislocation, caused by a truck driver that jack-knifed into oncoming traffic


For a client who had soft tissue neck and shoulder injuries resulting from a truck that struck our client’s vehicle in the rear

Experience matters

Because your health and livelihood are at stake. Accidents involving tractor-trailers, buses, or commercial motor vehicles involve legal issues unique to transportation law, so it is critical to retain legal counsel with experience in this specialized area. Any injury lawyer can handle a truck accident, right? Not if you want to extract the highest value from your case. To get the most out of your case, your truck law attorney must know the federal regulations on vehicle maintenance, driver fatigue, hours-of-service violations, and know where to look to find the hidden evidence. Paul Hammack at Hammack Law Firm has more than 19 years’ experience handling truck accident claims. Paul defended large trucking companies for over a decade, so he knows the industry and knows how to get the most out of every case.


Paul and the entire Hammock Law Firm operate with integrity and excellence. The firm provides a client-centered approach to the case at hand, delivering the best achievable results. Highly recommended!
Dr. Cameron Guida

Paul is a fantastic attorney. He is very easy to talk to, and provides excellent legal service. Highly recommended.
Dan Crotchett

Definitely one of the best accident attorneys around! Would recommend to anyone facing injuries from the result of an accident. Previous insurance company litigation makes Mr. Hammack a very well informed litigator when going against the insurance companies trying to minimize their loss. Be sure to contact Paul before contacting the insurance company, as they only care about their interests not the injured. Please note my 5 star recommendation. Thanks for reading.
Maio Russell
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Truck accidents Injury victims financial compensation

Hammack Law Firm gets you the healthcare you need if you’ve been injured; and the compensation you deserve.

Truck accident victims and their families may be entitled to recover damages for physical, emotional or financial losses suffered in an accident, injured victims may recover the following damages.

  • Paul Hammack will fight for your

• Medical expenses
• Property damage
• Lost wages or income
• Diminished earning capacity
• Emotional distress
• Pain and suffering
• Wrongful Death
• Family member loss of consortium

Better call Paul.

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Paul Hammack has spent nearly 20 years fighting trucking companies and the insurance companies that play legal tricks to protect them. As a Greenville truck wreck attorney, Paul represents people who have been injured or killed due to the negligence of truck drivers. Paul and his team will put their trucking industry legal experience to work for you; and fight hard for your legal right to compensation.

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Jackknife Accidents

The following diagram illustrates the issue:


1. The tractor begins to skid
2. The Driver steers into the skid, corrects it and drivers on.


3. If however, the skid is not corrected in time, the trailer will push
the tractor around until the cab hits the trailer.

Trailer slew or Trailer swing (This is not to be confused with jackknifing)

1. The trailer skids while braking on a slippery surface.
2. The driver releases the brakes and continues to drive forwards pulling the
trailer back into line . (This is not normally dangerous but if the driver doesn’t
release the brakers, the trailer could slide into a ditch, collide with parked
cars or oncoming traffic.)

Your Greenville truck accident lawyer at Hammack Law Firm can help you with your tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, semi-truck or bus accident claim

A Greenville Truck Accident Lawyer with an Insurance Insider’s Perspective

Attorney Paul Hammack knows how insurance companies approach commercial trucking operations and accident litigation. After all, he worked on their side for many years. Today, he uses his talents to only represent injured plaintiffs, always taking aggressive action to beat the insurance company at its own game. Trucking company lawyers are intimidating. Paul has experience actually trying cases, so he is not intimidated, and knows how to fight back. In short, Paul knows what it takes to position your case to get you the money you deserve.

Why Do Commercial Trucking Accidents Happen?

Most of the commercial truck accidents in South Carolina are preventable. They happen because truck drivers make careless errors or because their employers push them to engage in dangerous behaviors.
Truck Accident

Common causes of commercial trucking accidents
in South Carolina include:

• Speeding due to tight schedules
• Distracted driving
• Drowsy driving or driver fatigue
• Navigating unfamiliar roads
• Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (even
including legitimate prescription or over-the-counter
• Unsafe vehicles or improper maintenance

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