Bill of Rights

    Injured? We can help you.

    Let's go get your money

    Worried about hiring us or how you’ll pay? Don’t be.
    We are proud of our Client’s 10 Bill of Rights. And remember, we will never take more money in fees than you receive.

    1. Right to our respect, courtesy, compassion and empathy
    2. Right to talk with us within 24 hours of your call
    3. Right to timely updates on your case progress
    4. Right to expect competence from HLF
    5. Right to a true assessment of your case
    6. Right to confidentiality concerning your case
    7. Right to a fair written fee agreement
    8.  Right to not be charged a fee for anything until we win
    9. Right to a full accounting of the funds held by HLF
    10. Right to make the final decision on settlement or trial