5 Tips for Taking Photographs of a Car Accident Scene – Advice from a Greenville Injury Lawyer

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    A serious car accident is a nerve-racking experience – even for the most stoic drivers. This is especially true if there is property damage or injuries.

    5 Tips for Taking Photographs of a Car Accident Scene – Advice from a Greenville Injury Lawyer

    Despite the shock and adrenaline, it is important to remain calm after a crash. What you do and say can affect your ability to make a successful injury claim.

    One of the smartest steps you can take after any collision is to take photographs. Capture images that show property damage, injuries, the positions of vehicles, skid marks and traffic signals. Your injury lawyer may use these to prove negligence and liability.

    Here are five tips to keep in mind when taking accident scene photos:

    1. Use your camera’s timestamp function;
    2. Take photos of skid marks;
    3. Capture shots of injuries and property damage;
    4. Take pictures of traffic signs, signals and markers;
    5. And capture wide-angle shots to show the positions of vehicles.

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    Here are five tips for taking crash scene photos:

    1. Use Your Camera’s Timestamp Function

    The timestamp function is available on most digital cameras and smartphones. It records the date and time that you take each picture.

    1. Take Photos of Skid Marks

    Skid marks are forensically valuable. They provide clues about the angle of the crash and the speed the vehicles involved were travelling.

    Take close-up photos of skid marks. They may help your injury lawyer prove negligence if, for example, the at-fault driver was speeding.

    1. Capture Shots of Injuries and Property Damage

    You will need evidence to link your injuries to the accident, so take timestamped photographs of your injuries at the crash scene. Your injury lawyer can use these pictures, as well as the police report and medical records, to tie your wounds to the crash. According to the American Automobile Association, you should also take photos of property damage to link it to the collision.

    1. Take Pictures of Traffic Signs, Signals and Markers

    Human errors cause most auto accidents. If your crash occurred because another driver ran a stop sign or traffic light, took an illegal U-turn, broke the speed limit, or committed another traffic violation, then take photos to prove it. Capture pictures of the relevant traffic signs, signals and markers.

    1. Capture Wide-Angle Shots to Show the Positions of Vehicles

    Many crash victims only photograph their injuries and property damage. These are certainly important, but your pictures should also show the positions of vehicles. These images will provide insight into how the accident happened.

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