5 Costly Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

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Every car accident is a nerve-racking experience, but it is important to remember that your actions and statements will have a profound impact on your ability to recover compensation in a personal injury claim. This article will explain how to avoid costly mistakes at the car accident scene and during the weeks that follow.

5 Costly Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

One of the most common mistakes we see is people waiting too long to contact a personal injury lawyer. Many clients who call in just need information on how to handle their claim. They are scared and have never been through a motor vehicle collision or other injury and they need guidance to navigate the property damage, medical bills and cash flow following an injury. We always take these calls at no charge and may times we simply provide them advice and a path forward for their claim.

However, injured clients need to be careful in how they handle their claim from the onset. There are important steps that you must take immediately to ensure that you get the medical attention you need and to recover the highest possible compensation. Also, evidence that could support your claim may not be available if you wait too long.

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Read on to learn five mistakes that could harm your injury claim:

  1. Not Calling the Police

The police report is an essential piece of evidence in any personal injury case. It may help your attorney prove liability and negligence. According to USNews, the police report may also prove your side of the story if the at-fault driver lies to his or her insurance company. This frequently occurs after the parties have left the scene.

  1. Not Visiting a Doctor

If you do not visit a doctor, your insurance company may argue that your injuries were caused by another incident or that they were not serious enough to deserve compensation. Ever a two day gap in treatment can spell disaster for your case and result in not being compensated for serious injuries that develop over time.  Please go get checked out and tell the doctor every place where you feel pain so it can be documented.  If you don’t have any lingering issues at least you got checked out to be certain.

  1. Missing Your Doctor’s Appointments

If you do not follow your doctor’s treatment plan, the insurance company may argue that your carelessness has contributed to the severity of the injury and, therefore, you do not deserve a full payout. Missing appointments also implies that your injuries are minor and do not warrant compensation. Follow the plan and be true to helping yourself recover.

  1. Not Filling/Taking Prescribed Medications

Again, failing to follow your doctor’s treatment plan could harm your claim. Be sure to get prescriptions filled and take any prescribed medications and follow your physician’s advice exactly. Failing to fill or take your medication not only may hinder your recovery but may give the insurer a basis to deny or limit your claim.

  1. Posting Sensitive Information on Social Media

Insurance companies have clued into the fact that they can monitor claimants’ Facebook profiles for sensitive information. Posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites may be admissible in court. If, for example, you claim that you have severe neck and back pain but you post a photo of you climbing over the wall in your local mud run, you will have some “esplainin” to do.  Do yourself a favor and make your Facebook profile private so only friends can see your photos and posts.

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